Who Is Chicago PD’s Dennis Garcia? (Jose And Dante Torres Explained)

Who Is Chicago PD’s Dennis Garcia?: If you found yourself saying this after watching Chicago PD’s season 9 episode 18 – titled New Guard – then you are most certainly not alone. The American police procedural, created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead, has been a vital element of Wolf Entertainment’s Chicago brand since it first aired on the network in 2014.

It’s been an amazing delight developing connections with the show’s diverse cast of characters, which includes chronicling officers and members of the Intelligence Unit of the 21st District of the Chicago Police Department.

They come and go at various periods, with fresh additions being made on a regular basis. In light of this, let’s call attention to the Dennis Garcia and Benjamin Levy Aguilar muddle.

Dennis Garcia Was In The Chicago Police Department For Season 8

In the show’s 8th season, episode 4 – Unforgiving – we can see that Dennis Garcia first appeared in the part of Jose Torres and that he was put into the mix following Mike Blaine’s murder.

During the course of the inquiry, the team spoke with a lady named Maria, who indicated that the dead was assisting her in protecting herself from her ex-boyfriend, Jose Torres. As the story progressed, we learned that Jose was holding someone hostage when he was contacted by authorities. Eventually, the matter was resolved, and Jose was caught and charged with Mike’s murder.

Fast forward to the most recent episode, and we now have a new officer, Dante Torres, who is working alongside Jay Halstead on the case. Some have claimed that Jose has returned, although it has been shown that it is a different figure. It is true that Benjamin Levy Aguilar is playing the role of Dante Torres.

The Jose Torres Actor Should Be Familiar

Aside from his appearances on Chicago PD, Dennis Garcia has also been in a number of other projects set in the same world as the program, which should be recognizable to you by now.

He has appeared in Chicago Justice (in which he played Santiago Mendoza for a brief period of time) and Chicago Med (in which he played Cameron), among other projects, including the 2022 film Barrio Boy (in which he will play Quique), Soul Sessions (in which he will play Gangster), and the TV series Mind of Mencia (Tijuana Guy).

Is Chicago PD Renewed For Season 10?

It’s worth noting that Chicago PD has been extended for a tenth season, despite the fact that season nine is coming to a close this week. Seasons 8, 9, and 10 were all confirmed at the same time in 2020, which was when the news was first released.

Who Plays Dante Torres On The Chicago P.D. Cast

Season 9, Episode 18 of Chicago P.D. features Dennis Garcia as new recruit Dante Torres, who is played by actor Dennis Garcia. In spite of the fact that Garcia hasn’t been acting for very long, he does have a demo reel that features some of his previous appearances in the world of One Chicago.

This Is Now, a 2018 episode of Chicago Med in which Garcia appeared as a character named Cameron, was Garcia’s television debut. And before that, he featured as Santiago Mendoza in an episode of Chicago Justice titled Lily’s Law, in which he played the role of Santiago Mendoza.

Nonetheless, the most noteworthy aspect of Garcia’s history is that he appeared in a small role as a uniform officer on an episode of Chicago P.D. called New Normal in 2018. That is a pretty entertaining component of his background, and it is certainly something that will cause some Chicago P.D. fans to go back and rewatch that particular episode again and again.

The following is the promo for the April 13 episode of Chicago P.D., which includes Dennis Garcia in the role of Dante Torres.

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