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Who Is Alice Sebold?

Who Is Alice Sebold?

Who Is Alice Sebold? “Alice Sebold is a bestselling author, her book “The Lovely Bones” has sold millions of copies and was made into a film by Peter Jackson. It is about the consequences – personal, family, social – of rape, as in Sebold’s autobiographical debut “Lucky”.”

The novel “Lucky” (published in 1999), in which she recounts details of her rape, sold more than a million copies and launched her writing career. Later he wrote another novel, “From My Sky” (Lovely Bones), which was adapted into a film by Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson.

The book details how Sebold was raped when she was 18 years old and studying at Syracuse University in New York.

Months later, she noted that she had seen a black man who she believed was the one who had raped her and reported him to the police.

Rape Misjudgment: Alice Sebold Memoirs Stopped

It is a tragedy in many ways: The writer Alice Sebold (58) still does not know who raped her, the black Anthony Broadwater, who was convicted as a perpetrator, was innocent in prison for 16 years, the judicial authorities have to put up with allegations of racism, The publishers Scribner and Pan Macmillan withdrew the English-language editions of Sebold’s memoirs, title: “Lucky” (2004). After all, the book sold over 1 million copies and made Sebold famous. A planned film adaptation has meanwhile also been abandoned.

In her memoir, the author reports on her rape and its consequences. She was brutally abused by a man when she was 18 in a tunnel near the university campus. A few months after the crime, Sebold happened to meet Broadwater, whom she believed to have recognized as her tormentor. When they were compared, however, she could not identify him. Only when she was on the witness stand at the trial did she commit to him as the perpetrator. A hair analysis confirmed the suspicion, but the scientific method used in the trial in 1982 is now considered highly unreliable. Nevertheless, Broadwater was convicted, in 1999 Sebold published her life review “Lucky”, in which the black, as it turned out in the meantime, was falsely accused.

Alice Sebold Apologizes To The Man Who Spent Years In Prison Convicted Of Her Rape And Later Exonerated

Writer Alice Sebold has apologized to a man who was exonerated last week of his rape, a crime she wrote in her memoir “Lucky,” but the author also appeared to blame both a “flawed legal system” and the role he played in condemning the man.

“First, I want to say that I am truly sorry to Anthony Broadwater and I deeply regret what you have been through.” wrote in a statement posted on

Broadwater, who has always maintained his innocence, was convicted of rape in 1982 and spent 16 years in prison. He was denied parole at least five times because he did not want to admit to a crime he had not committed, according to his lawyers. He tried at least five times to have the sentence overturned.

However, on November 22, a judge cleared Broadwater of all charges.

Last week, a New York State Supreme Court judge exonerated Broadwater and overturned his conviction and other related charges. The Onondaga County District Attorney joined the motion to vacate the conviction.

In a statement sent by his lawyers, the man said he was “relieved by the writer’s apology.”

You have to have a lot of courage to do that. It is still painful for me because I was unjustly convicted, but this will help me in my process to process everything that happened,

he said

In the apology letter, Sebold points out that,

my most regret of all is the fact that the life that you could have had was taken from you, and I know that no apology can change what happened and that, furthermore, it will never change it.

But how did Broadwater change the sentence?

It all started when a producer who wanted to adapt the story of “Lucky” for the cinema began to see there were several unanswered questions and decided to hire a private investigator.
In less than three days, Mucciante noted, they realized that Broadwater had been wrongfully convicted.
Following this, the case was taken to court for review. And a New York district judge decided on Nov. 22 to exonerate Broadwater of all charges, as well as remove his name from the sex crimes registry.

Research For Broadwater’s Innocence

According to the New York Times, the starting point for this reconsideration was the planned film adaptation of “Lucky Had” for Netflix. Producer Timothy Mucciante noticed discrepancies between the autobiography and the script – and hired a private investigator after leaving production.
He gathered evidence of Broadwater’s innocence. A lawyer brought the case to court again. And two life stories had to be rewritten.



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