What Happened To Eden In Manifest?

What Happened To Eden In Manifest? An 828 passenger named Angelina Meyer made her debut appearance in the third season of Manifest when Michaela and Zeke freed her from her religious fanatic parents’ basement imprisonment.

The Stones took the young woman in and cared for her as if she were a member of their own family after she was rescued from an abusive situation.

Angelina’s unsettling conduct after losing Pete led her to irrationally believe that she has a psychic connection to the Stones’ newborn daughter, Eden.

At the end of the third season, Angelina, deep within her delusions, kidnaps Eden and murders the much-loved character Grace Stone.

Two years after the murder and kidnapping, Season 4 begins, and everyone has given up looking for Angelina and Eden (except for Ben).

How did the kidnapper responsible for so much death elude authorities for nearly two years?

Angelina and Eden’s secret hideout at Anna Ross’s house is exposed at the end of Episode 1 of Season 4 of Manifest.

Angelina is held captive by an 828-hater for a short time after Anna urges her to go, but she is rescued by Adrian, who allows her to hide in the commune.

Throughout the season, we learn more about what happened to Angelina and Eden before Anna Ross took them in.

What Happened To Eden In Manifest?

Ben’s determination to find Eden is unwavering from the very first moments of Manifest Season 4.

Michaela’s pleading to return to the Lifeboat and Jared’s disclosure that Eden is legally dead and the state has closed the case are both ignored.

Even if the setbacks discourage him at the time, he uses them as motivation to keep looking for his daughter.

The hope that Eden is alive and well and searching for him gives him the strength to keep going, even if he has to do it alone.

Cal is allowed to follow a Calling by Ben, and he eventually finds Anna Ross, who says she sketched a windmill and tombstones based on a Calling she received.

Cal follows the Calling’s trail to a graveyard in Ramapo, where he finds Ben and Anna and learns that a child is pleading for their help to save his dying father. Ben mistook the child’s cry of “Daddy!” for Eden’s but soon realized his mistake.

Season 4, episode 1 reveals that Anna Ross has been hiding Angelina and Eden in her basement without telling Ben or anyone else.

Still, she sends Angelina packing, and Eden and I find ourselves in the library restroom as she does both things to us. Angelina does leave behind some clues as to where she has been.

Later, after Adrian saves her and Eden from a perilous boarding situation, she and Eden take refuge at his house for errant travelers.

Even though it sounds like a poor idea, Ben’s decision to appear on Aaron Glover’s podcast to bring up Eden ultimately leads to a breakthrough in the case.

An audience member sends Aaron a message after seeing a woman who fits Angelina’s description. Both he and Zeke see that Aaron’s given address is direct across the street from Anna’s house.

Zeke gets the impression she’s being dishonest when they request to check her surveillance footage. Anna has finally come clean.

In the third episode, after learning that Eden is still alive, contrary to his previous beliefs, Ben enlists Jared and Drea’s aid in his investigation, which leads them to the library.

After receiving a painting as a Calling, Ben traces it with chalk on the attic’s wooden ceiling to decipher one of Eden’s artworks. The song that Olive and Cal’s sing is depicted by Eden in the artwork.

Ben, feeling encouraged by his recent successes, pays a visit to Eagan after encountering him in a Calling and receiving an unexpected phone call from him regarding Eden.

Naturally, Eagan keeps the knowledge he possesses from Adrian in exchange for his freedom from jail.

Ben asks Vance to arrange Eagan’s release, but he travels to the given place without Vance’s involvement. Ben is ambushed as he approaches Adrian’s boarding house and is taken to the basement, where he remains bound.

Do They Find Eden in Manifest Season 4?

Everybody is looking for Ben because he went on this rescue mission alone. When Eden, who is being held captive in the basement, goes looking for Ben, she encounters Angelina, who, after following her, labels Ben a “very bad man” to reinforce Eden’s already-formed negative opinion of him.

Michaela’s “Call of the Bee” and their inquiry into Erika Burness’s huge fertilizer purchase help Drea puzzle out why Ben is stuck at Adrian’s boarding house.

Angelina threatens to explode the bombs during an argument with Jared, who has just learned that there are bombs at the house.

While Michaela, Jared, and Zeke rescue Ben, Cal try to calm Angelina down. With Ben now free, Michaela can focus on getting the other passengers out of the house and back to safety while Ben can finally see Eden again.

While Ben is outside, Angelina activates the detonator, and the home explodes before he can return and save Cal. Lucky for us, Cal was not hurt in the blast.

Ben’s persistence, Cal’s bravery, and everyone’s loving support led to the family’s reunification in the dramatic fifth episode after a long, twisting, and perilous path.

After spending two years with Angelina, Eden finds the breakup difficult. However, the Stones are not giving up on their daughter.

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