The Flash Movie Reveals Michael Keaton’s Older Batman

Michael Keaton’s version of Bruce Wayne from the Tim Burton movies will be back in The Flash. A new line of toys reveals more about what role the older Batman will play in the DC movie. Keaton will put on the mask for the first time since Batman Returns in 1992, which was the last time he played the part. In The Flash, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen will go to an alternate universe where Keaton’s Batman lives. This will be part of a multiverse story. But when people last saw the Dark Knight, he was in a very different place.

The Toyark showed new pictures of a line of toys from McFarlane Toys based on The Flash. One of the pictures showed Keaton’s return as Batman. In an alternate 2013, Miller’s Barry Allen will find Michael Keaton’s Batman while looking for Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight, according to the description of The Flash. Keaton’s Bruce Wayne hasn’t been Batman for a long time, which is why his Batcave looks dusty in the trailers. However, he has to put on the mask again to save the universe.

How Michael Keaton’s Batman Differs From Ben Affleck’s

The Flash’s description of Keaton’s Batman role makes it easy to see how Affleck’s version of the dark hero is similar. Both versions of the hero are older and have been working as a hero for a long time. But the fact that there are multiple Batman actors in The Flash movie seems to make it possible to learn more about how bad a life as Batman could be for a person.

Since Affleck’s Batman first came out, he has been called the most violent and serious live-action version of the character. From what The Flash says about Keaton’s Batman, it’s clear that this older Bruce Wayne is even tougher than Affleck’s. That fits with the recent trailer for The Flash, which came out during this year’s Super Bowl and showed Keaton’s Batman fighting harder than he ever did in the two movies he was in. The first trailer for The Flash showed that Keaton plays a big part in the movie. The Super Bowl trailer, on the other hand, showed new scenes with Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

The roles that each actor plays in the movie should show how different their versions of Batman are. The new trailer for The Flash showed that, even though Keaton’s Batman will be tougher in the movie, the actor is still saying his lines with the same snarky tone he used in the two movies he was in, which is different from Affleck’s more serious tone. The trailer also showed Keaton’s famous Batwing, but it will be up to The Flash to show if the older Batman will have made more gadgets to compete with Affleck’s more tech-savvy Caped Crusader before both actors play Batman again in Aquaman 2.

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