Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 9 (All Those Who Wander) (Cast) (Recap)

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 9: Strange New Worlds’ eighth episode pays tribute to the sci-fi horror classic Alien while simultaneously dealing with the death of a beloved staff member.

With a happy graduation ceremony for Cadet Uhura (Celia Gooding) and two very evident red-shirts, despite their science and command uniforms, Season 1 Episode 9, “All Those Who Wander,” begins.

Uhura continues to stress that she does not want to leave Starfleet, claiming she dislikes saying goodbye.

Captain Pike (Anson Mount) and Helmsman Ortegas (Melissa Navia) make it clear that she will always have a place on the Enterprise, despite her apparent resolve.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 9 Recap

Uhura keeps a personal account of her final day on Enterprise as a cadet, which marks the end of her time on the ship.

In Pike’s quarters, the crew is celebrating Uhura and Cadet Chia’s wedding. Lieutenant Duke has been promoted from ensign.

Ortega is told by Uhura that goodbyes are the worst. He interrupts and assures her that she can stay.

Pike receives a call from Spock informing him of the arrival of a new mission.

After her treatment session, La’an joins the crew in Pike’s quarters. While Pike and Spock are cleaning up from the party, the new mission is discussed. When the USS Peregrine activated a distress beacon, the ship went silent. When they lost communication, they attempted an emergency landing on Vale Beta V.

A landing team should be sent in search of the Peregrine and her crew while the Enterprise carries on to the space station so that the power cells may be delivered. This is recommended by La’an due to the urgency of their current mission.

The area around Valeo Beta V is known to be inoperable. The landing team will be unable to return to the ship due to a lack of communication.

Pike aims to take the reins of command of the landing party.

They arrive on the surface of Valeo Beta V in two shuttles and land just in front of the charred remains of USS Peregrine.

As soon as Spock arrives, he warns that an ice storm will occur in around six hours. Like Andoria, Hemmer enjoys the cold and windy conditions. As per Starfleet custom, he owes the new lieutenant a drink for calling Duke an ensign.

There is a problem with M’Benga’s ability to search for life signals. After finding a human arm in the snow, La’an suggests that scanning isn’t the problem.

All systems are offline when the crew enters Peregrine. According to La’an, they discovered twenty bodies outside, including the captain. The local fauna, according to La’an, may have eaten some of these. This is how M’Benga explains most of the deaths.

When Cadet Chia is outside, she summons Kirk and Chapel to the scene where she and Duke have discovered many decapitated corpses.

While on board the Peregrine, Uhura listens to the captain’s log on an audio device. They discover that the Peregrine rescued a human girl, an unidentified humanoid, and an Orion from the ocean. Gorn eggs had infected the Orian, causing it to die. A plasma grenade he detonated in Engineering generated a distress call that Starfleet detected. He was attempting to destroy the ship before the Gorn eggs could hatch. Anyone who hears the captain’s message will be warned to stay away.

To ensure that the rest of the landing party arrives on time, Pike instructs M’Benga to get them. In addition to a human life sign, Uhura’s sensors pick up an unknown one.

Engineering has been tasked with Hemmer’s task of restoring system functionality. Pike, La’an, and Uhura investigate the captain’s log for any evidence of life and discover the mysterious humanoid alien. As they follow him, they see a human girl sitting by a makeshift fire. Peaceful contact is possible even though they cannot converse with one other.

Spock asks Chapel for medical supplies to cure Duke’s burn wound on the Jeffries tube. On Vulcan’s natural rage, they talk about the dangers.

Uhura helps Hemmer with the repairs, and they discuss Uhura’s plans to leave the ship. There is no danger in the face of the future alone, says Hemmer, but rather in forming relationships and establishing roots.

The girl and the extraterrestrial are examined by Chapel and M’Benga. Buckley is the name given to the alien by the girl. Oriana is her name.

During La’an’s forceful interrogation of Oriana, M’Benga intervenes, inadvertently referring to Oriana as his daughter rather than his patient.

Captain La’an is informed by La’an that the girl went missing two years ago. She sneaks into suspicion that the trio escaped from a breeding planet with the girl’s help.

Pike has begun a security scan and is leaving. On her way inside the room, M’Benga introduces herself and tries to persuade La’an to intervene on Oriana’s behalf.

Spock is carefully tracking a trail of blood. Spock is startled by M’Benga, who chuckles at his jitteriness.

Buckley appears to be suffering from some sort of bodily ailment. Chapel requests that Chia arrange for him to have a physical exam so that he can compare his previous readings with his current ones. Chapel departs the room to let the simulation run on his scans. Oriana is aware of the warning indications and retreats to a safe place.

Buckley’s body gives birth to four Gorn babies. Chia is quickly dispatched by one of them. He rushes to the biobed and activates the quarantine field as soon as he sees the devastation.

Duke is treated by M’Benga in the Jefferies tube. At this point, two Gorn babies grasp onto his neck and begin to drag him away.

Chapel returns to the hospital’s sick bay to find Oriana. The Chapel is startled when La’an arrives. There are four hatch holes on Buckley and one dead hatchling, which was murdered by another. There are three more hatchlings that will mature and compete for dominance.

Shock fills the air around Chapel right now. La’an protects her and provides her with fundamental survival training. They search for Oriana as a team. They discover her in the ship’s coldest cargo bay. She is aware that Gorn despises chilly weather. Oriana is given a pep talk by La’an.

Power is restored thanks to Hemmer and Uhura. The Gorn startle them as they flip the switch, and Hemmer detects the smell of blood.

Kirk’s heart starts racing. When communications have been restored, Pike addresses the crew, instructing everyone to follow emergency procedures and to assemble in sickbay.

Hemmer is sprayed with venom by a Gorn hatchling before they can flee.

Before the Gorn can attack and chase it away, La’an and Chapel arrive.

Upon closer inspection, a genetic chameleon, M’Benga, realizes that the Gorn’s cells are imperceptible to sensors.

Hemmer is taken to the hospital as a result of the venom. He admits he can’t see the Gorn with his psychic talents either.

With the Gorn’s ability to evolve and adapt, Spock is impressed. In Kirk’s mind, he is disturbed by his equanimity. He claims that Spock is emotionless. When Pike intervenes, he warns him to stop doing this.

Only the nav com needs to be rebooted, as Hemmer informs them.

La’an predicts that the two remaining hatchlings will be the group’s best and will be driven to assert their alpha status.

Once they’ve attracted the Gorn with their violence, they devise a strategy to dispatch them.

To lure the Gorn into the trap, they use frigid air as environment control.

In the transporter chamber, hatching is enticed by Uhura and tries to flee through the ventilation system. Spock waits for it to emerge, firing blasts at it to draw it out. To get it, he has to unleash the anger that the Gorn responds to. Kirk rescues Spock from the second Gorn, who tries to pin him down. Anger prompts him to rough up Kirk for the time being until his crewmate is recognized.

Now that they’re near each other, the Gorn turn on each other.

While La’an and Hemmer hide in their pods in Engineering, a blast of ice is remotely activated to freeze the Gorn to the ground, rendering it immobile.

It is revealed that La’an has risen from her pod and destroyed the hatching of the Gorn Gorn.

Hemmer’s venom hit has revealed to La’an that he is afflicted with eggs. Hemmer’s physical pain is evident when he emerges. The rest of the landing party rushes to bay doors to celebrate hatchlings eradication.

Hemmer has sealed the bay doors to prevent anyone from stopping him because he knows he’s contaminated. It is up to M’Benga and Chapel to figure out a technique to remove or halt egg development. In Hemmer’s opinion, it’s too late to do that.’ He intends to go outside so that the cold will kill any hatchlings that emerge.

Uhura pleads with him to stay. Freefalling into an icy crevasse, he gives her some advice and bids them farewell.

The Peregrine is towed away from the planet by the Enterprise.

The crew arranges a memorial service for the three deceased crew members, although the focus is mainly on Hemmer.

Chapel sees that Spock is displaying indications of fury throughout the testimony. His hasty departure causes her to follow in his footsteps, where she sees him strike a bulkhead.

As a result of his emotional turmoil, he thinks his mental faculties have been damaged. Chapel hugs him and tells him that he’s only being human. He takes a few seconds to warm up to the hug before accepting it. Afterward, he simply walks away. Pike is informed by La’an that she has discovered information regarding the whereabouts of Oriana’s relatives. She hopes that a leave of absence will allow her to be with her family again. He grants her to leave to ensure that she returns to the Enterprise after her mission. Before departing, she extends her gratitude to him for everything he has done.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 9 Cast

  • Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike
  • Ethan Peck as Spock
  • Jess Bush as Nurse Christine Chapel
  • Christina Chong as La’an Noonien-Singh
  • Celia Rose Gooding as Nyota Uhura
  • Babs Olusanmokun as Dr. M’Benga
  • Melissa Navia as Erica Ortegas
  • Bruce Horak as Hemmer
  • Rebecca Romijn as Una Chin-Riley
  • Dan Jeannottem as Lieutenant George Samuel
  • Carlos Albornoz as Buckley
  • AndrĂ© Dae Kim as Chief Kyle(credit only)
  • Jessica Danecker as Cadet Chia
  • Emma Ho as Oriana
  • Jennifer Hui as Ensign Christina
  • Teddy Kellogg as Lieutenant Duke
  • Cameron Roberts as Manu Noonien-Singh
  • Liza Seneca as Captain Alice Gavin

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