Reginald the Vampire Episode 4 Release Date, Cast, Preview (All the Time in the World) (SYFY)

Reginald the Vampire Episode 4: Reginald the Vampire is the name of a brand-new TV show about vampires. The TV series is based on Johnny Truant’s books of the same name about a fat vampire.

To become the unexpected hero he is destined to be, Reginald Andres plunges headfirst into it, even though he is forbidden from being with the girl he loves, has a sexist boss, and must defeat the vampire chief who wants him dead.

Em Haine, Jacob Ba, and Savannah Basley are the show’s three leads.

Reginald Baskin is an unexpected hero who faces many obstacles in his quest for redemption, including the woman he loves but is prohibited from being with, an intimidating manager at work, and a vampire chieftain who wants him dead.

Luckily, Reginald discovers he has some hidden abilities, and everything changes.

Reginald the Vampire Episode 4 Release Date

The date of October 26, 2022, is set for the premiere of the fourth episode of Reginald, the Vampire. Episode 4 of “Reginald the Vampire” airs at 10:00 p.m. ET on SyFy in the United States.

Reginald the Vampire Episode 4 Preview

The release date for Reginald the Vampire Episode 4 is closer than you think, and we have all the information you need to get ready.

After making a bargain with an unconventional ally named Angela, Maurice has the potential to alter Reginald’s predetermined path as a vampire.

Reggie will be put through a rigorous vampire test by Angela and Maurice in exchange for this favor. Vampire culture is more likely to accept him if he does.

Even while the vampire evaluation seems fascinating, it may not happen any time soon, much to the dismay of the fans.

Reginald’s ultimate strength may hasten his death, much to Maurice’s dismay. As a result of his newfound ability, Reginald can gild vampires.

This ability impresses and scares Maurice, making Reginald a prime target for the vampire underworld.

Reggie saves Maurice’s life by glamorizing a vampire, but Maurice wants him to retain the secret and never do it again.

Angela and Maurice made a deal for Reginald to finish the vampire evaluation in exchange for their respect and the respect of other vampires.

If Reginald fails, he will be abandoned by his creator.

Unfortunately, the lessons Reginald had planned to give him to hone his vampire abilities through performance never materialized.

Reginald’s lack of self-control resulted in Angela learning about his unique talent. This was a treacherous deed.

Mike, Maurice’s coven member and the fellow vampire was outed as Angela’s possession. He said he overheard Reginald glorifying Angela’s lackeys, Penelope and LeBron.

The realization prompted her to “liberate” him and make good on her threat to eliminate Reginald before he participated in the examination.

When Maurice found out that Reginald had portrayed them in a romantic light because of their connection, he became furious with him.

Unlike the other vampires in the area, he seemed genuinely concerned for Reginald’s wellbeing.

Another issue entered Reginald’s life when one of his coworkers discovered the existence of vampires in the neighborhood.

Ashley, played by Marguerite Hanna, helped Sarah figure out how she lost her memory and led her to discover Todd’s holes in his neck.

Despite the glaring voids, she tries Reginald tried to bridge the divide by spraying holy water on her coworkers, but it had little effect.

Reginald the Vampire Episode 4 Cast

  • Jacob Batalon as Reginald Baskin
  • Em Haine as Sarah Kinney
  • Savannah Basley as Angela
  • Mandela Van Peebles as Maurice Miller
  • Lucia Walters
  • Georgia Waters as Penelope
  • Ryan Jinn as Mike
  • Adrian Hough
  • Hannah Levien
  • Naomi Levi as Young Woman

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