Matthew Modine Net Worth 2022

Matthew Modine Net Worth 2022: In addition to his work as an actor and filmmaker, Modine is also an activist and a filmmaker from the United States of America. His success as an actor led to a large portion of his wealth.

Since 1982, he has worked in the sector. There are a lot of roles that Modine has played in the media, including films, music videos, and television shows. The critical and general public applauded Modine’s acting and campaigning work.

Matthew Modine Net Worth 2022

In addition to being an actor, activist, and director, Matthew Modine is known as Matthew Avery Modine. Matthew Modine’s Net Worth in 2022 is $10 million.

His acting profession helped him amass a sizable fortune. As of 1982, he’s been in the business.

Movies, music videos, television shows, and more use Modine’s talents. The critics and the general public have a great deal of respect for Modine’s acting and his activism, and his followers greatly respect both.

Following his appearance as Private Joker in ‘Full Metal Jacket,’ Modine became an international star.

In addition to his work in ‘Stranger Things,’ where he played Dr. Martin Brenner, he has received critical acclaim.

Matthew Modine Relationship

Her mother, Dolores Modine, was a bookkeeper, and her father, Mark Alexander Modine, was the manager of drive-in theatres.

He also has six older brothers and sisters. Maury Modine is a member of the House of Representatives, while his brothers Mark, Russell, and Michael are also actors.

Elizabeth Modine and Marcia Modine, both actors, are his half-sisters.

When it comes to Matthew Modine’s love life, he is already taken. In 1980, he married actress Caridad Rivera, whom he married.

She was a Puerto Rican-born makeup and wardrobe stylist with Spanish and African background at the time.

They have two children. Ruby Modine, an actress, ballet dancer, and singer, is the daughter of Boman Mark Rivera Modine, an assistant director for films.

Jenny McShane, Brenda Schad, and Agni Scott have all dated Befoe Caridad.

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