Mariah Carey November 1 Meme

It’s a social media tradition and Mariah Carey doesn’t disappoint. Punctual as every year, once October 31 is over, the singer welcomes Christmas with a fun video in which she inaugurates one of the most special seasons of the year.

Mariah Carey is the quintessential performer of the Christmas soundtrack. His song All I Want For Christmas Is You has been returning to number 1 on the charts for years as the snowflakes start to fall and children start to think about their gift list for Santa Claus. And of course, this translates into economic benefits: it is estimated that the singer can earn around one million euros every Christmas for reproductions of the song. According to The Economist, he would have earned about 53 million euros for his rights in this last quarter of a century.

Mariah Carey November 1 Meme

Halloween has already been left behind, so many are those who, slamming the door, have left the terrifying costumes and have removed the red socks and others. Almost as if it were a border crossing, November 1 is the start of the Christmas season for many, and one of them seems to be Mariah Carey.

The singer has become a figure almost as important as Santa Claus, since her song All I Want for Christmas Is You enlivens every Christmas and is one of the most popular Christmas carols.

But her song is so present in this celebration and for so long that it has already become almost a meme, and some welcome the arrival of Mariah Carey on this holiday with humor. And it seems that she, aware of the success that this produces, also does the same with it.

Many users have joked with a clock that read 11:59 on October 30 and that, when it changed to 12 on November 1, it caused the end of Halloween and the arrival of Christmas. The artist has done the same way.

This Monday, she published a video on her social networks in which she appears prepared with a bat at the door of her house. When the clock strikes 12, he goes out and approaches some pumpkins that he has placed at the entrance on which he says “It’s not the time.”

Then, he gets closer and starts to break the one with “No” written on it and All I Want for Christmas Is You starts playing. In this way, he kicks off the holiday season with a final message to his fans: “It’s time to squash those pumpkins and treat them like cake because we still have Thanksgiving to come!”

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