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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2 Episode 19 Reviews

Bell is compelled to inform her wife that she must choose a different law firm. Bell admits that she is conducting an investigation into Kilbride, the firm’s CEO. Following that, Bell meets with her team. A big-time money launderer by the name of Rutger has been the target of their attention. Bell believes it is risky, but Elliot believes it is necessary for them to proceed.

Elliot meets up with Frank for a beer after a long day. They are chatting about Frank’s new child. Elliot then informs him that Webb has reached out to him regarding a position. Frank is irritated that Webb would visit Elliot. Elliot tells him that it doesn’t make a difference. It all comes down to money. They poured everything on top of each other. Frank responds affirmatively.

For the job, Elliot snags some cash from Webb. He and Frank bring it to Rutger’s attention. Bell and the rest of the team are watching from a distance. At first, Rutger is hesitant to accept until they promise a significant amount of business with Webb. He finally gives in and says yes. They take a quick look around before making their way out of his house. The men of Elliot and Elliot later meet with Frank. They intend to rob Rutger again.

Arrival at Rutger’s house by Frank and Elliot Outside, Bell sits invisibly in a van. Inside the safe, Elliot and the rest of the crew get to work opening it. Rutger’s security guard arrives home at the same time. They keep their identity a secret. They consider working on the safe after he leaves. Eventually, they get it open and discover $700.00. This has left them stunned and angry.

Afterward, Elliot and Bell meet up. They have no idea what’s going on. He couldn’t have cleaned it that quickly. A suspicious van is caught on camera by Jet while he’s out and about.

Carmen makes her way to Derrick’s to see him. As a result, she’s curious about where he’s hidden the weapon and what his future intentions are. Carmen is reminded of the killer of their father by him. Carmen begs him not to make a mistake, and he ignores her pleas. She will handle things in a professional manner. He is aware of her presence and responds to her calls. But he assures her he doesn’t have the gun. He tells her he changed his opinion and never purchased it. She cradles him.

Bell and Jet discover that the van is linked to a convicted felon by the name of Raymond. They are able to track him down. He tries to get away from them. They have him surrounded on a rooftop. He takes aim and fires at them. Jet knocks him out with a single shot. They eventually pay him a visit in the hospital. He is deafeningly silent. Following some investigation, they discover that he had rented a van using Elliot’s credit card.

Bell and Jet find out that Raymond is linked to the van. They find him. He hides from them. On a rooftop, they find him. Shots them. Jet shoots him. They end up going to see him at the hospital. There’s no way he’ll talk. It turns out he used Elliot’s credit card to rent a van.

Tell Frank that Elliot is on his way to tell him. Frank is afraid that he will be taken down by the police. Webb thinks Elliot might be lying. Elliot meets with Webb and they talk.

With food and beer, Malachi comes to Jet. Because of the rooftop shooting, he wants to make sure she’s okay before he leaves. After he tells her that he loves her, they kiss.\

Bell comes home and sees that her wife is getting ready to meet someone from Kilbride’s company. She is going to do the job.

Elliot pays a visit to a friend of his father’s. He questions him about his father and the shooting that Frank claims were manufactured. His father’s business partner becomes enraged. That was not staged in any way. Elliot’s father worked as a cop. Elliot then goes through some of his father’s files. He discovers a pistol inside. When he was younger, his father taught him how to shoot a gun.

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