Kris Jenner And Corey Gamble Age Difference

Kris Jenner And Corey Gamble Age Difference

Whenever one of the Kardashian Jenner girls started dating someone new the fans were quick to dig up everything they could find on these men a lot of boyfriends and husbands have come and gone over the years and all of them got their dirty laundry exposed once they got involved with a Kardashian.

But what about the Matriarch Kris Jenner and her Boy Toy Corey Gamble, Corey and Kris reportedly met all the way back in 2014 at a party in Ibiza that Kanye West threw for fashion designer Ricardo rishi’s 40th birthday no one knows for sure when exactly Kris and Corey officially became a couple, but the fans think it must have been sometime in the late summer or early fall of 2014, so it’s been almost seven years since Corey became part of the most powerful reality tv family in the world and there’s still an air of mystery around him in his relationship with Kris we really don’t know much about cory other than what the Kardashians.

Let us see on their show in November 2020 Kris shared a tribute to Corey on social media in celebration of his 40th birthday and called him the best partner friend, confidant therapist advisor travel star, and dance partner. However despite Kris’s Gushy words the fans are not really buying into this love story and they have pointed out many times over the years how there’s something sketchy about Corey for one Corey is 25 years younger than Kris, whereas Kris’s previous long-term partner Caitlyn Jenner was much closer to her age but that’s not the only unusual thing about Corey, and let’s be honest nobody would even question the age gap if it was an older man and a younger woman.

It’s something else that’s bothering fans about this relationship while Corey had first kept a low profile and didn’t get too involved in the Kardashian family drama, he’s lately started to show his true colors and it looks like they’re not that pretty after all, so what is Corey gamble really like and why do fans think his relationship with Kris is the weird leech.

Kris Jenner is one of the hardest working women in showbiz and her net worth is estimated at 190 million dollars, Kris reportedly takes a percent fee from all of her children’s earnings and she also serves as an executive producer on keeping up with the Kardashians.

But what about Corey all we know about Corey is that he’s an Atlanta native who went to Morehouse College to study business marketing, he apparently used to work as a road manager alongside Justin Bieber’s, manager Scooter Braun but that was years ago. So what does Cory do now well it looks like he’s not doing much at least not since he started dating Kris if you take a look at Cory’s Instagram all you’ll see are photos of Corey living the high life soaking up the sun on luxurious trips rocking designer outfits chilling on Kris’s private jet and showing off his collection of expensive watches.

This is why so many Kardashian fans are hating on Corey and saying he’s nothing but a leech who is using Kris for money however others are saying that this is exactly the kind of arrangement that Kris wants a boy toy who doesn’t ask too many questions and keeps his nose out of the family business.

According to a source who spoke to people magazine this is the reason why Kris and Corey will never take their relationship to the next level their relationship is more business than romantic Kris is basically his sugar mama said the source and added they will never get married gossip site celeb dirty laundry even ran a report a few years ago, claiming that Kris actually pays Corey to be her boyfriend according to the report.

Kris felt humiliated by the whole Caitlyn Jenner situation, so she hired Corey to fill the role of partner an insider close to Kardashian magazine explained that once Bruce Jenner began his transformation into Caitlyn and was getting so much attention it was particularly humiliating for Kris, and she hand-picked Corey, so she wouldn’t look lonely sketchy past when he first started dating Kris, Corey seemed pretty low-key and down to earth however he’s recently started acting like he’s the one running the Kardashian household instead of Kris.

And according to one of Corey’s ex’s Kris’s boy toy is actually a major control freak with a very short temper, Sherry Buchanan Atlanta x’s star who dated Corey for three years before he met Kris has called Corey a money-hungry opportunist and even claimed he became violent after they broke up in 2010.

In an interview within touch magazine, Buchanan said quote, “I know Corey he’s all about power and money and will do whatever it takes to get it”.

Buchanan also claimed “that Kris is not even Cory’s type but he’s sticking around because Kris is the one who is in charge of all the family business, Chloe is more his type Kris is a little too old but with her power and money Kris could have been betty white and Cory would still have hit on her,” said Buchanan.

But what’s even more disturbing is that in touch obtained court documents that show Buchanan was granted a temporary protection order against Corey in 2010, after he allegedly grabbed and bruised her.

According to Buchanan Corey also had some Stalkerish Tendencies and his ex even had to change locks at one point because Corey had somehow managed to get a key to her place and would randomly show up cheater besides being called a lazy money-obsessed control freak.

Corey has also been accused of cheating on Kris back in 2016 radar online reported that Kris and Corey were engaged at one point but Kris called it off because Corey was spotted flirting with sexy blondes and Saint Barts Kris and Corey were apparently enjoying the new year’s holiday in St. Bart’s together.

But then Kris got the call that her son Robb was hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes so she immediately flew back to Los Angeles, Corey however stayed in Saint Barts and looked like he didn’t have a care in the world while chatting up other women on the beach.

Loose Cannon the fans have pointed out many times over the years that Corey is not that chill after all and that he’s actually very disrespectful to Kris’s children. In September 2019 Corey got into a shouting match with Scott Disick over dinner after he shockingly suggested spanking Scott and Courtney’s daughter Penelope who was seven at the time, apparently, Penelope had scratched her nanny and Corey told Scott that if she had scratched him he would have whipped her a…

Cory’s disrespectful comments enraged Scott and he threatened Kris’s boyfriend warning him to never talk about his childlike that but Corey got even more heated and started yelling at Scott while Kris Kim and Courtney were left speechless regardless of what you think is the right way to discipline children I think we can all agree that you should never talk that way about someone else’s child, the fans were quick to call out Corey over his problematic comments and many of them said it’s only a matter of time until Kris cuts him off.

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