Joe Pickett Season 2 Episode 4 Recap 

Enter Buck Lothar

In the heart of Sandlestring, the presence of Klamath, a notorious character, buzzes in the streets. Amidst the clamor, the Governor introduces a fresh pair of eyes to aid in the search for a menacing killer – meet Buck Lothar. Lothar, known for his radio show “Buck Talk,” is summoned to assist the local authorities in their investigation. Our protagonists Joe Pickett and Luke are assigned the responsibility of guiding Buck around the city.

The Hunt for Clues

Buck’s expertise comes into play at the crime scene, where he evaluates the extent to which countless individuals have compromised it. Undeterred, he directs his attention towards identifying the location of Frank’s shooting. As they venture deeper into the woods, Buck’s sharp eye discovers prints suggesting a body dragged along the path, adding a significant piece to the puzzling crime.

Sheridan’s Encounter with Klamath

While this is happening, an intense interaction unfolds at Sheridan’s school when Klamath is introduced as a guest speaker. As Klamath expounds on hunting, Sheridan boldly refutes his claims, exposing his lack of experience and respect for the animals. This confrontation leads to Joe receiving a call from the school about Sheridan’s apparent bullying behavior. His response, however, is to reward Sheridan with ice cream, as he commends her stand against Klamath.

Joe’s Struggles and Nate’s Dilemma

Joe, meanwhile, grapples with the trauma of his attack by Klamath’s crew. He informs Sheridan’s school counselor about the incident, who, despite showing concern for Sheridan, becomes worried about Joe’s mental state. This encounter prompts Joe to claim he’s seeing a therapist, even though it’s not true.

Simultaneously, Nate faces his own challenges. After a violent altercation that leaves three men dead, Nate attempts to distance himself from Crickett. Unfortunately, fate has other plans as an attacker forces them to confront their entangled circumstances.

A Surprising Turn

As Joe and Buck continue their quest, they come across potentially insightful tracks. However, a split in their paths results in a chaotic scene, with Buck confronted by an unknown individual. Gunshots echo in the woods, leaving Buck injured. As the smoke clears, it’s revealed that the trigger was pulled by none other than Chris.

A Tragic Climax

The episode takes a tragic turn when Wally, cuffed in the car for causing trouble, coerces Luke into uncuffing him. Amid this, a deadly figure appears in front of the truck armed with a sniper rifle. Two shots later, Wally lies dead while Luke gasps for air. The episode concludes with Joe discovering a poker chip in the dead Wally’s hand.


Episode 4 of Joe Pickett Season 2, “Buck Wild,” offers a thrilling progression in the search for the Saddlestring killer. With exceptional writing, the episode immerses viewers in the multifaceted characters’ lives, the shocking revelations, and the relentless quest for justice.

Who is Buck Lothar in Joe Pickett Season 2?

Buck Lothar is a radio show host known for his show “Buck Talk.” In Season 2, Episode 4, the Governor hires Buck to aid in the investigation of a killer hunting hunters. Joe Pickett and Luke are put in charge of driving him around the city.

What is the significance of the foot-dragging prints Buck found in the woods?

The foot-dragging prints Buck finds in the woods suggest that a body was dragged through the area. This clue is crucial because it provides valuable information about the killer’s actions and potentially about the location of the crime scene.

Why was Joe called to Sheridan’s school, and how did he react?

Joe was called to Sheridan’s school because she had a confrontation with Klamath, who was a guest speaker at the school. Sheridan refuted Klamath’s claims about hunting and openly disagreed with him. However, Joe was supportive of Sheridan’s stance and even rewarded her with ice cream for standing up to Klamath.

What happens to Buck Lothar during the investigation in the woods?

While investigating potential tracks in the woods, Buck Lothar is confronted by a mysterious individual. Gunshots are fired, and Buck is injured. It is later revealed that the person who shot Buck is Chris.

Who dies at the end of Joe Pickett Season 2 Episode 4, “Buck Wild”?

At the end of the episode, Wally, who was cuffed in a car for being a nuisance, is shot and killed by an unseen figure with a sniper rifle. Additionally, Luke is also shot but is seen gasping for life, leaving his fate uncertain. The episode concludes with Joe finding a poker chip in Wally’s hand.

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