How Many Hadid Sisters Are There

Gigi and Bella Hadid are the hottest sisters of the moment. Their faces invade every advertising campaign and their constant looks flood your Instagram.

How Many Hadid Sisters Are There

Gigi has a younger sister Bella and brother Anwar. She has also two paternal half-sisters Nazareth and Sheik of Galilee.

Gigi And Bella Hadid

They are the daughters of Dutch model Yolanda Foster and promoter Mohamed Hadid.

Gigi is a year older than Bella and, although the two share a passion for modeling, they began their journey at different times. Gigi in 2014 with Desigual and Bella with Balmain, Moschino, and Versace the following year.

Did Gigi And Bella Hadid Go Through Plastic Surgeries?

Dr. Sabrina Shah-Desai, a London-based surgeon who specializes in reconstructive procedures, noted that Bella Hadid, now 23, has “changed significantly” in the years since the yearbook portrait was taken, and explained that this could be the result. from several different surgeries.

“Bella appears to have had a brow lift,” she revealed, explaining that this procedure often results in the feline “fox eye look” that Bella Hadid is known for.

Dr. Shah-Desai added that the model also appears to have undergone ‘rhinoplasty and lip fillers’ as well as ‘face sculpting’, meaning she could have had ‘dermal fillers’ to enhance her cheekbones and jawline.

The medical expert also noted that Bella Hadid’s face appears much thinner now than it did when she was in high school, explaining that this could be the result of the removal of buccal (cheek) fat, or simply as a result of the general loss of weight.

Although Gigi Hadid’s appearance has not changed as drastically as that of her younger sister, both Dr. Shah-Desai and Dr. Grigoriy Mashkevich, a facial plastic surgeon in Specialized Cosmetic Surgery, explained that there are some areas of her face that look good. They could have benefited from a cosmetic, procedure or two.

Dr. Mashkevish noted that Gigi Hadid’s lips and cheeks ‘look fuller than in the high school photo’, explaining that this is likely the result of the padding, however, he explained that several other factors could have played a role. a role in her transformation, including camera angles and makeup.

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