What Is Clickbait On Netflix About? | Did Nick Actually Have An Affair In Clickbait

Clickbait, the new Netflix miniseries is about the disappearance of Nick Brewer, who was kidnapped by a mysterious Internet entity. After the launch, there has been a slight controversy about its quality and way of carrying the plot, but on the other hand, many fans have wondered if the production is based on a true story.

Is Clickbait Based On A True Story?

Although Clickbait deals with the real problem of false identities on social networks, the series is not based on a true story. However, creators Tony Ayres and Christian White did know of some similar true stories.

Criticisms Says About Clickbait Netflix

We are surprised that the criticisms of Clickbait are being so negative, when we are being so benevolent with many recent fictions, such as Cruel Summer itself, addictive but far from excellent. And that is an expression with which we could also perfectly define Clickbait.

This is a thriller that begins with a technological alibi: Nick Brewer (Adrian Grenier, from The Entourage and The Devil Wears Prada ) is a seemingly perfect family man who is suddenly kidnapped, and forced to appear in a video with a sign on which is written: “Abuse of women. If this video reaches 5 million views, I will die ”.

Clickbait Shows The Dark Side Of The Internet

The series begins with the kidnapping of a physiotherapist known as Nick Brewer. Very shortly after his disappearance, the latter reappears on social networks through a video that has gone viral. On the latter, we see him holding a sign on which is written “I abuse women. At 5 million views, I die ”.

As the views of this video explode, the father’s reputation as a “nice boy” will quickly be contradicted by an investigation into his disappearance which, little by little, removes the veil of his alleged crimes.

Each episode deals with the point of view of this case of a different person: his wife, his sister, Ben Park, a reporter covering the case as well as the detective in charge of the kidnapping Roshan Amiri.

As no episode is centered on the point of view of the principal concerned, these different points of view make it possible to better define the personality of the physiotherapist.

Clickbait Netflix Review

We are never safe – and it is happy – to finally find an excellent detective series on Netflix: this is the case of this Clickbait, well written and well interpreted, which dares to address an ambitious subject such as the lack of love in our increasingly virtual society.

A good father finds himself kidnapped and filmed accusing himself of having harassed women and even of having killed one: online on the Net, the video announces that when the threshold of 5 million views will be reached, it will be executed. His sister then sets off with all her might in a race against time to find him.

At the announcement of this starting point of the Clickbait mini-series, which recalls certain subjects of Black Mirror, and by associating it with the Netflix signature which most of the time accompanies detective series recovering subjects “in the air of the time ”and ultimately proving to be deficient or even touting, we have the right to be skeptical.

Eight episodes later, we were won over by the work of Tony Ayres and Christian White: this is a more original subject than it seems, which deals with virtual relationships replacing “IRL” meetings, with relevance, without overhanging moral judgment – this defect so “baby boomer” -, with a realistic integration (well for what we know about it…!) of current technologies in the course of the action. Here is also a beautifully conceived scenario, which, under a false aspect of thriller à la Harlan Coben(the startling discovery that someone we love and think we know is in fact another person …), finally turns all our prejudices like a glove: surprises accumulate until the end, overturning with each both the perception we have of the situation and reshuffling the thriller cards without us feeling as so often the big strings of manipulative twists. It’s really a great job at the writing level, which allows us to challenge the most experienced viewers in this kind of exercise to find the explanation of the Brewer family drama before the revelation – very subtle after all. – of the last episode. The psychological correctness of this conclusion, the refusal throughout the mini-series of a reductive Manichaeism does credit to Clickbait.

Because, in all sincerity, what excites the most here is the accuracy and complexity of all the protagonists, the refusal to assign them a simple function in the precise unfolding of the thriller, to confine them to clichés of the genre, in allowing them to always surprise us with an unexpected reaction, sentence, gesture. The loving wife who lets her faith in her husband erode, the Muslim cop frustrated by the lack of recognition shown to him and who sees in the investigation a way to assert himself, even at the expense of a story of possible love, the son who has abandoned the real world and will have to face it: everywhere, a tragic lack of love reigns within a society whose wealth and technological comfort have undermined the foundations of human relations.

And the most beautiful character of Clickbait, which ultimately holds the credibility of the script, is that of Pia Brewer, played by Zoé Kazan (yes, the little girl of Elia Kazan !), an Actress with an atypical physique and personality, a real battery unusual roughness electric. It deserves to be filmed by a real director, who would know how to watch it, magnify it, rather than by the usual interchangeable “professionals of the profession” who work in the American TV series.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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