Bryce Hall And Austin Mcbroom Are Fighting Online

Bryce Hall And Austin Mcbroom Are Fighting Online

Bryce Hall and Austin Mcbroom are fighting online hyping up a potential celebrity boxing match

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Let’s start this articles off with Ben Askren because Jake Paul’s next opponent will be on impulsive keep your friends close and keep your brother’s next opponent even closer as they say should be an interesting one anyway to this Bryce Hall Austin Mcbroom story because the two were going at it last night on social media recall a few months ago Austin started calling people out to box him most notably jake but he also called out Bryce well now he’s challenging the Ticktuber once again via Instagram stories saying tell this little boy Bryce hall to stop running from me he knows where I stay by the way he got offered millions and his excuse was that I’m older than him stop crying and sign the deal Bryce responded by mocking Austin on Twitter before showing some admittedly hilarious text messages in their conversation Austin’s cleaning lady is dragged into it as he claims she makes more money than Bryce.

Bryce says Austin is 30 and should act his age but Austin corrects him and says he’s 28. it is a big difference Bryce okay I’m sorry that one just kind of hit me on a personal level I’m turning 27.

Back on Twitter, the two are going at it and Bryce delivers this you know my terms this isn’t 2016 anymore bud I’m not fighting for the same amount as you awesome then does a perfect cell laugh and responds back by saying perfectly I’ll take less and give you an extra million dollars if you win fair enough little boy the moral of the story is that Bryce knows how to negotiate for a better pay mind you I’m saying all this with the notion he actually signs the thing otherwise it’s whatever but alright hit that sub like and bell button for all.



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