Your Honor Season 2 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 10: From a court case to a hostile takeover to a near-murder, Season 2’s finale of Your Honor had almost everything. It brought a second season that didn’t make much sense on paper to a close that was just as tense and interesting as the first season’s finale. Let’s make sense of it all.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

As was hinted in Episode 9, Michael was eventually called to testify in Eugene Jones’s trial, even though he didn’t want to. Even though he had promised Lee that he would tell the truth and not lie on her behalf, he found a way to save Eugene without lying, even though it cost Michael a lot.

So, Michael was honest. Yes, he did see Eugene Jones kill Adam Jones’s father. He knew for sure. But Lee knows right away that he wants her to ask for more information. So, he says that he knew Eugene because he had seen him earlier that day and he was wearing the same clothes. He had seen him earlier that day when he let Eugene’s mother off for some small mistake. During that conversation, Eugene talked about taking care of his younger brothers and sometimes even his mother. He said that they couldn’t cook, so they drank pickle juice and ate cereal. His mother had not paid the bills on time. For weeks, they had no gas.

Of course, the Baxters’ main defence against the charge that they killed Eugene’s family is that the explosion was an accident caused by a gas leak. But the gas had been turned off weeks before. Since houses don’t just blow up for no reason, everyone there, including the jury and, sadly, Fia Baxter, can figure out what happened pretty quickly.

Why Does Michael Desiato go back to prison?

Michael’s honesty on the stand means that he is also telling the truth about Adam being the driver of the car that killed Rocco Baxter and about his own part in covering up the crime. This is the first Fia has heard of Adam being the driver of the car that killed Rocco Baxter. Even though he doesn’t have to break his rules to help Lee save Eugene, he can’t stop himself from returning to prison.

Not everyone knew about everything Michael had done, and he wasn’t convicted of everything to begin with, so it’s likely that by talking about how involved he was, he opened himself up to another prison sentence. But the most important thing is that he walks back into the prison with his head held high, which suggests that he is at peace with himself and what he did. So it looks like he won’t be going hungry, at least.

Is Eugene found innocent or guilty?

His story moves Olivia during Eugene’s trial, which is a surprise. Now, it’s no secret that Olivia has spent the whole season looking for a way to hurt the Baxter family. But even though it seems like she might be doing that when she offers to put Eugene in federal protective custody as a witness, Lee makes it clear that Eugene doesn’t know anything important about how the Baxters run their business, so Olivia still decides to get him out of New Orleans. She knows that as long as he is there, he will never be safe.

Eugene is neither found guilty nor found not guilty. The federal government takes over the case, and the trial is stopped. Eugene leaves with a new life and a new name. As he goes, he gives Lee and Olivia a warm hug.

Is Jimmy Baxter dead?

Gina Baxter thinks that this is the perfect time to finally kill her husband.

Jimmy has power over Gina because she was adamant about getting a message to the Jones family. She helped Kofi die in prison and pressured Jimmy to blow up the family home. Jimmy tells her right away that she is to blame after all of this comes out. She doesn’t like being accused of something, to put it mildly.

So she does what any self-respecting child of privilege who wants power would do: she tells her father. She tells Carmine that Jimmy will tell on him, so an angry Carmine shoots him in the hotel hallway. The act is caught on CCTV, so Gina calls the police right away to report it. Since dad had already told her she’d never be able to run the family business, he goes to jail. Gina makes a deal with Big Mo, which Jimmy turned down earlier in the episode. In a win-win arrangement, both women come out on top.

Why does Fia leave without Rocco?

In this last scene, Fia has a terrible time. Even though she is the most innocent person on the show, she again gets the short end of the stick. When Michael tells her that Adam was driving the car that killed her brother, she feels very betrayed. But when she finds out that her whole family knew this and did, in fact, blow up a mother and her kids, she has had enough.

Fia realises, though, that she can’t let baby Rocco be a part of her family in any way. Even though she initially turned to Michael and Elizabeth, she no longer trusts them. Since Michael is back in prison, she can’t count on the Desiatos either. If she goes with Rocco, her family will probably find her. So, she thinks she has no choice but to give Rocco up for adoption, leave him alone, and hope that the rest of the Baxter family never finds either of them.

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