You Season 4 Part 2 Episode Review

You Season 4 Part 2 Episode Review: The sixth episode begins just days after Joe, everyone’s favourite serial murderer and occasional hero, swore to put an end to Rhys Montrose’s (Ed Speleers) reign of terror, which was last seen a month ago. The second part of the season is when the real action begins. Joe faces his greatest challenge even as he tries to make things right with Kate (Charlotte Ritchie). Adam (Lukas Gage) experiences disaster as a result of his eagerness to fix his money problems, while Pheobe (Tilly Keeper) goes through a difficult trial. Kate’s dad (award-winning actor Greg Kinnear) is another formidable foe of our Joe. And then there’s the huge turn that alters the trajectory of the story.

You is surprisingly humorous for a show about a disturbed serial killer. The second part of season 4 is much darker and features some interesting character growth. It’s been obvious that Joe Goldberg is not a decent guy ever since the show debuted on Lifetime, yet somehow, it’s still hard not to root for the affable sociopath. Yet, a new, more reflective side of him emerges in this chapter. Almost watching this is a breath of fresh air. But then the finale occurs, and any development the protagonist showed evaporates as quickly as a line of coke at Sundry House.

All of the actors did a great job, as did the writers, and the humour hit all the right notes. As always, Penn Badgley does a fantastic job of conveying Joe’s many complexities in the role of Joe. Even if Tati Gabrielle’s performance as Marienne was absolutely captivating. Victoria Pedretti returns to her role as Joe’s ex-wife, and she gives a superb (if brief) performance. Without Love Quinn, the series is missing a key element.

The second act isn’t nearly as entertaining as the first. While entertaining overall, it does deal with some serious issues in a dishonest manner. We see our favourite villains, including Roald and the delightfully evil Sophie and Blessing, pushed to the side, while the relationship between Adam and Pheobe take a bleak turn.

There’s a twist, and that’s saying something considering how much has already happened. But, many of my followers did predict it, as proven by a flood of tweets and Facebook updates. Does it work with the story? In a word, yes.

Yet it’s unclear if it was the best path for the show. Even if many viewers saw the twist during the show’s four-week break, I have no idea what it means for You.

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