Winter Solstice 2021 Northern Hemisphere

Winter Solstice 2021 Northern Hemisphere – In its translation, the Earth describes an elliptical orbit around the Sun, which lasts for 365 days and a little over 6 hours. In turn, the Earth presents an inclination of its axis of rotation of approximately 23.5 degrees with respect to the Sun. Both circumstances cause the succession of seasons and suppose the reason why the amount of sunlight that falls on the northern and southern hemispheres of the planet is uneven depending on the time of year in which we are. Thus, it will be summer in the hemisphere that, at a given moment, is inclined towards the Sun (since the solar rays affect this area more directly and increase the temperature), while in the opposite hemisphere it will be winter.

In this GreenEcology article, we talk about the winter solstice of 2021 in the northern and southern hemispheres, as well as explain what the solstices consist of, when they take place and how they differ from the equinoxes.

Winter Solstice 2021 Northern Hemisphere

The winter solstice will happen this week and will mark the beginning of the coldest time of the year. Thereafter, the days will be shorter, in contrast, the nights will be longer in the Northern Hemisphere. Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere, sunlight will illuminate that side of the Earth for longer, so the darkness of the night will be shorter.

This astronomical event, also known as the December solstice, occurs every year between December 21 and 22 and is when the Sun travels its shortest path through the sky and is at its southernmost point, according to the POT.

What Is The Winter Solstice?

The seasons of the year and therefore the equinoxes and solstices are a consequence of the movements of the Earth. Our planet rotates on its own axis and it also rotates around the Sun, however, it must be understood that our planet does not rotate perfectly parallel to the ecliptic. The latter is an imaginary line that cuts horizontally through the Solar System.

Our planet has an axis of inclination of 23.5 ° which means that sunlight does not reach the same in both hemispheres. This is how the equinoxes and solstices have produced that mark the entry of the four annual seasons through which the Earth passes.

The solstice, whose term comes from the Latin ‘solstitium’ which means ‘still sun’, marks the entry of summer and/or winter, depending on the date and the geographical hemisphere. It occurs because the Sun falls on the most distant point of the Earth’s equator. The closest consequence is that one of the two hemispheres will receive more light than the other and the longest night will occur for the winter solstice and the longest day for the summer.

When Exactly Is The December Solstice In 2021?

In 2021, the winter solstice will occur next Tuesday, December 21 at 10:59 am, Eastern time. From that moment on, a change of season is celebrated and winter will officially begin.


What Happens On The December Solstice?

During the December solstice, the Earth is positioned in such a way that the Sun remains below the horizon of the North Pole, that is, the furthest south of the Earth’s equator. For this reason, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, but for those in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the longest day. From that moment on, for all the countries located north of the equator, the days will be shorter and the nights longer.

Winter Solstice In The Northern Hemisphere

In the year 2021, the winter solstice in the northern part of the planet will take place on December 21, which is a Tuesday, at 15:59 UTC.

Winter Solstice In The Southern Hemisphere

Instead, the winter solstice of 2021 in the southern part of the Earth will occur on June 21, which is a Monday, at 3:31 UTC.

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