Willow Season 1 Episode 8 Recap (Children of the Wyrm) (Ending Explain)

Willow Season 1 Episode 8: In the second-to-last episode of Willow, Kit and Elora finally find Airk, who had gotten a bit of a makeover, likely at the salon of Lili, aka “The Crone,” who we quickly find out has also gotten a little bit brighter. These two have become the new power couple in the Immemorial City.

This is the beginning of the last episode of Willow’s season, “Children of the Wyrm,” which makes the odd but surprisingly effective choice not to take any of it very seriously. At this point, Kit and Elora have seen enough to know that Airk has been changed. They stand back-to-back and mostly just argue. Suddenly, the Gales are guarding the exit against the palace. Kit tries to explain the Crone’s hidden goals, but she stutters because she hasn’t been paying much attention to how the world is being built. In the simplest terms, the Crone is the Wyrm’s Harbinger, trying to bring him (it?) back to life. The amber liquid everyone has been drinking is like the Wyrm’s mother’s milk, an analogy that Kit stops before it gets too far.

Willow Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Children of the Wyrm” brings back some of the early emotion on the shores of the Shattered Sea, where Graydon, Jade, and eventually Boorman find reasons to jump off the end of the world. On the other hand, Willow finds a reason to stay and walk back into the mist, though he’ll likely show up later.

The Crone’s sales pitch is a classic. She shows Kit and Elora glimpses of the lives they’ve always wanted in an idyllic glade while Airk and Sorsha try to get them to drink the amber nectar and give themselves over to the Wyrm. Both almost fall for it, but Madmartigan’s disembodied voice stops Kit just long enough for her to realise that Elora has taken the bait. The kit is turned to stone just as Lili tells her that the Wyrm’s followers have started to rise.

In this finale, turning to stone is a recurring theme. It also happens outside the Crone’s palace, where Boorman, Jade, and Graydon are terrified by a storm that comes at them with a face made of swirling sand that looks like it wants to bite them. But this problem isn’t too hard to solve. In Elora’s vision, she wears a beautiful dress and walks to the altar so Lili can marry her to Airk. This shows that she hasn’t taken the Crone’s bait. As it turns out, she’s not interested in Airk anymore (even though he’s clearly possessed, and this isn’t his fault?). Even though Lili said that kingdoms would be destroyed and all of Elora’s friends would die, she turned down the prince at the altar. Out of the blue, Willow showed up to break the illusion, free the others from being frozen, and start the real action of the finale.

Lili’s change from a human to a Crone is so cool (that eye! ); I almost didn’t wonder how Boorman, Jade, and Graydon got inside the palace when they were turned to stone on the steps outside, and the sequence made it clear the door was locked, or how Willow got to the Immemorial City, inside the palace, and then into Elora’s vision. Here, it’s clear that the show wanted its big moment and didn’t care how to get it, but I shouldn’t be noticing this.

Anyway, let’s talk about the important parts. Graydon, for example, tries to fight the Crone with Cherlindrea’s Wand, which goes horribly wrong. The wand breaks in half and Graydon is thrown through the amber portal that led Elora and Kit to their visions. When Elora looks through it, she sees the giant, half-buried form of the Wyrm itself nestled in the magma. It’s a nice image and gives her the push she needs to find out how powerful she really is. She sends the Crone careening out the door as energy crackles around her hand.

Boorman also gives Kit the Kymerian Cuirass and Jade the Lux Arcana, and he sends them both to save the day while he stays behind to fight off the Gales in full heroic self-sacrifice mode. Willow stays outside to fight some of the Wyrm’s new foot soldiers, which seems like an easier job. Kit and Jade fight Airk while Elora fights the Crone. Elora can now use magic without a wand or spells. It looks cool, but it probably doesn’t make much sense in the big picture. However, it’s a nice payoff to Airk’s earlier question about whether she could make lightning come out of her fingertips.

The Crone can still beat Elora until Willow uses magical telepathy to get inside her head and push her on. All of this sequence’s green and red colours make me think of Star Wars, which is probably not a coincidence. Elora is able to defeat the Crone, but when she dies as Lili, she gives the Harbinger role to a saddened Airk, who suddenly shows his true, corrupted form and fights Kit.

Willow Season 1 Episode 8 Ending Explain

On the other hand, Kit is wearing the Cuirass, which has a tremendous effect when activated. This makes it easy for her to defeat Airk, though she’s not sure if she should kill him. She thinks it might be necessary as a sacrifice to show how committed she is to her ideals. But luckily, Willow shows up, breaks his staff apart, and gives her the gem inside it. This might be enough to get Airk back from where he was about to lose his freedom. Does it… works? Has the possibility of doing this ever been talked about before? Why didn’t we use it to save Ballantine or bring Graydon back when he was hurt? Does it really matter to anyone that Graydon is dead?

No, because everyone, including Boorman, who must have beaten all the Gales by himself, leaves in good spirits and decides to kill the Wyrm another day (and presumably another Season).

Graydon isn’t dead after all, as it turns out. He wakes up on the other side of the portal, surrounded by dead bodies in what looks like a battlefield. He meets Elora, who I think is the Crone manifesting as Elora to use his libido against him. Elora is in charge of a massive army of monster infantry and two-headed, fire-breathing dragon things. As I said, there are plans for Season 2.

This is shown in the scene after the credits, where the storybook that has been used as a background for the credits all season is closed and put back on a shelf next to two more books. By saying this, Disney is confirming not only Season 2 but also Season 3.

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