Will There Be Enola Holmes 3?

Will There Be Enola Holmes 3? The second installment of Enola Holmes, titled simply Enola Holmes, has just been released on Netflix.

Enola Holmes 2, like the original show that debuted on Netflix in 2020, is a delightful comedy headed by Millie Bobby Brown.

Now, the younger sibling of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes runs her own private investigation firm.

Unfortunately, nobody will take her seriously… Until that is, a young girl comes to Enola with the case of her lost sister. The ball is in your court!

We won’t give away the movie’s ending, but know that after the case is solved, Enola Holmes 2 leaves the option open for future stories to be set in the same environment.

Since the films are based on Nancy Springer’s seven-novel Enola Holmes book series, would there be more in the series to come on Netflix?

Will There Be Enola Holmes 3?

Since Netflix has yet to confirm the production of Enola Holmes 3, there is no information on when the film will be made available to subscribers.

However, we can make educated assumptions based on the fact that the first film premiered in September 2020 and the second in November 2022.

The third film is expected to premiere sometime in the latter half of the year. However, it may come out in September 2024 at the earliest.

Also, there’s a chance that Enola Holmes 3 won’t come out as soon as we’d like it too because both Brown and Cavill are going to be quite busy with Stranger Things season five and a possible Superman movie.

What Might Happen In Enola Holmes 3?

The central mystery in Enola Holmes 2 is resolved at the film’s end, but several open plot threads could be explored in a third installment.

Moriarty is seen making her escape; therefore, she will likely come back to bring the Holmes family a lot of trouble.

Dr. John Watson is also introduced, and he’ll be a significant player in the third movie if there is one.

The Enola Holmes movie franchise is based on a series of novels written by Nancy Springer of the same name; however, the films rarely stick to the original series’ plots.

When Might Enola Holmes 3 Be Released?

Since Netflix has yet to say whether or not there will be an Enola Holmes 3, there is no way to predict when it could be released.

It’s possible that a third picture won’t be released for a while, as both Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill have other projects in the works (Brown has the last season of Stranger Things to film, and Henry is rumored to be working on a Superman feature).

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