Why Scream 6 Was Perfect Acting Comeback For Hayden Panettiere?

Why Scream 6 Was Perfect Acting Comeback For Hayden Panettiere? Hayden Panettiere, who plays Kirby again in Scream VI as she did in the first three movies, talks about why the horror franchise is the best way for her to get back into acting. In the sixth movie in the Scream series, the characters from 2022’s Scream will be attacked again by another Ghostface killer. Panettiere will play Kirby again, a role she first played in Scream 4. The actor, who is also known for her roles on Heroes and Nashville, hasn’t done much acting since the end of Nashville. Scream VI is her first role since 2018, when the show ended.

Panettiere talks to ET about why she decided to come back to acting for Scream VI after taking a break to take care of herself. In particular, he says why the sequel was the perfect movie for her comeback.

How Is Panettiere’s Kirby Back In Scream 6?

Kirby, played by Panettiere, only showed up in one Scream movie, which was Scream 4 in 2011. Kirby was a friend of Jill Roberts, whose real name was Emma Roberts. In the end, it turned out that Jill Roberts was the killer with a strange plan to get famous. During the events of Scream 4, Ghostface stabbed Kirby and left her for dead. Most people thought she was dead. But when Kirby came back for more, it turned out that wasn’t true.

In the 2022 movie Scream, there was a small hint that Kirby was still alive. In a scene where Jack Quaid’s character, Richie, is watching YouTube, you can catch a glimpse of a video interview with Kirby. Many people might have thought it was just a quick Easter egg, but the creative team set the stage for her possible return. Panettiere was also excited about coming back. She was ready to get back into acting and reached out to the producers on her own to ask if she could be in Scream VI.

Most people remember Kirby for how snarky and blunt she could be when she had to be. Panettiere has said that Kirby will still have these traits, and she has also said that her near-death experience in Scream 4 will help shape her character even after all these years. Kirby could come back as another possible victim, but rumours have suggested that she could be Ghostface, which would make her return seem more sinister. Kirby will be back in Scream VI, which will come out on March 10.

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