Why did Keeley and Roy break up in Ted Lasso Season 3?

Why did Keeley and Roy break up in Ted Lasso Season 3? Roy Kent and Keeley Jones are no longer together, as shown in the first episode of season 3 of Ted Lasso. This has made many people wonder why they broke up.

In the new season of Ted Lasso, things are changing. AFC Richmond is back in the Premier League and is now in a rivalry with Nathan “The Wonder Kid” Shelley’s West Ham. This is because Rupert Mannion hired the now-grey-haired coach to be their new manager.

At the same time, Phoebe and fans alike are shocked when Roy Kent and Keeley Jones tell Phoebe and everyone else that they are no longer together.

After the last episodes of season 2 planted seeds of doubt, it turns out that Roy Kent and Keeley Jones are no longer together in the Apple TV+ show.

Why did Keeley and Roy break up in Ted Lasso Season 3

The new season starts off as if nothing has changed between Keeley and Roy, except that Keeley now runs her own PR firm. She also tells Rebecca that she and Roy are going to have “the talk” with Roy’s niece Phoebe that night.

A few things could be meant by “the talk,” but when the fateful scene comes, it’s clear that they’re not talking about the birds and the bees.

After giving her a big bowl of ice cream, Roy and Keeley tell Phoebe they are no longer together.

But Keeley says they’re taking a break, while Roy says they’re over.

Why did Keeley and Roy break up in Ted Lasso Season 3?

When Phoebe asks Roy why he and Keeley aren’t together anymore, Roy says that they’re both too busy with work to be together.

Roy goes on to say that Keeley’s time and attention are focused on running her PR firm, while he has more on his plate now that Nate has left and he’s in charge of Richmond’s tactics.

Phoebe asks Roy if he thinks they’re doing the right thing as he drives her home. She then tells him that she thinks he’s stupid for breaking up with Keeley.

Roy says that their recent job changes hurt their relationship, but there’s probably more to why they broke up than that.

Season 2 hinted at their breakup

At the end of season 2, Roy wanted to go on vacation with Keeley, but she turned him down so she could focus on her work. Roy also told her that not being in the magazine photoshoot with her hurt his “feelings.”

Roy probably thinks Keeley is better off without him now that her own career is taking off, especially since he thought she looked more natural in the photos when she was by herself. After all, she is Keeley Jones, the Independent Woman.

Since Jamie Tartt said in the last episodes of season 2 that he still cared about Keeley, the breakup also raises the possibility of a love triangle.

But one thing we know for sure about Ted Lasso is that everything will always work out in the end, even if it’s not always how we might expect it to.

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