Why An Episode Of South Park Was Pulled In Mexico?

Why An Episode Of South Park Was Pulled In Mexico? “South Park” is used to having things taken away. Since the show’s first season in 1997, many episodes of “South Park” have been buried so as not to offend viewers. When the show showed up on the HBO Max streaming service, The Hollywood Reporter said that five episodes had been taken out of the library because they “showed a character based on the Prophet Muhammad.” These episodes had also been taken off the air.

In the Season 10 episodes “Cartoon Wars Part 1” and “Cartoon Wars Part 2,” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone poked fun at people’s feelings through parody. “Family Guy” is used as a punching bag, and the South Park, Colorado characters freak out because, in the show’s universe, the Fox show plans to air a picture of Muhammad. The episode was based on real-life reactions to similar portrayals, but in the end, Comedy Central wouldn’t let Parker and Stone show their full episodes (via Associated Press).

Over the years, “South Park” has been at the centre of a number of similar controversies. Even though the show is about a group of elementary school kids, Parker and Stone have always pushed the limits and made fun of everyone under the sun. But one episode was taken off the air for a different reason, only in Mexico.

Why An Episode Of South Park Was Pulled In Mexico?

A Show About The President Of Mexico Didn’t Air In Mexico

Randy Marsh fixed up his son Stan’s Pinewood Derby car in “South Park” Season 13 Episode 6, “Pinewood Derby.” Stan’s plan to cheat to win a toy car race pays off when aliens notice that his car goes faster than light. Randy acts as a go-between for an alien race and world leaders in the next scene. He tells the president of Mexico not to waste “space cash.” (The episode makes fun of several world leaders, including the most powerful person in Mexico.) The Mexican flag was in the background of the shot that had El Presidente in it.

Even though it’s not a good picture, China and Russia were among the countries that got a hard time in this episode. But “Pinewood Derby” was taken off the air at the last minute in Mexico. By law, you need permission to show the Mexican flag, and MTV Mexico said the permission didn’t come in time. The episode first aired in the U.S. in April 2009 and in Mexico in February 2010. The channel thought about covering up the flag, but didn’t because they didn’t want to risk getting fined.

In 2010, a spokesman for MTX Mexcio told BBC, “We decided not to change the image because the reaction would have been worse if we did.” According to the report, the episode had been heavily promoted, which made fans in the country even more suspicious when it was pulled at the last minute.

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