Who Won Jeopardy! Tonight? (December 21, 2022)

Who Won Jeopardy! Tonight? (December 21, 2022): Jeopardy! On Wednesday, December 21, 2022, a new episode of Season 39 premiered, including a returning champion and two new contestants.

The show’s format calls for three contestants, one of whom is a previous champion. This latter player is attempting to protect his victory against the challenge of two newcomers.

The December 21 show (presented by Ken Jennings) featured four-day champion Ray Lalonde taking against school psychologist Mary Dishigrikyan of North Hollywood, California, and tutor Michael Vaz of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Who Won Jeopardy! Tonight? (December 21, 2022)

Ray Lalonde had a challenging time winning in the show that aired on December 21. Michael Vaz, a newcomer to the team, pushed the four-day champion to his limits. Both athletes are Canadians, although they both hail from Ontario.

Last week’s episode’s first round of questions dealt with “Geography That Made History,” “Quotable Shakespeare Plays,” “Machines,” “Sounds Like a Bug,” “NBA Teams,” and “Superlatives.”

Michael did quite well in the first round, answering 12 questions correctly. He won $7,600, the most of anyone, with a Daily Double added. Ray’s score of $5,000 was only $1,000 less than Michael’s. Ray had a chance to win the first round because he got 13 questions correct, but he also got three wrong. Mary Dishigrikyan, our third player, needed some help with the signaling gadget. In the end, she earned $200 less than she should have because she answered one question correctly and one question incorrectly.

The Canadians also gave a fierce performance in Double Jeopardy. Ray and Michael bet a lot of money on Daily Doubles, and Ray came out on top. That put Ray in the driver’s seat for the second round. Mary scored some points, while Michael was close behind. Ray won $19,200, Michael won $18,400, and Mary won $3,000 in the game.

Ray and Michael answered the last question correctly in Final Jeopardy, winning the game for the team. After placing a larger bet than Michael, Ray found himself in the lead. Mary came in second, and the other two were tied for third.

We can expect the next edition of the popular game show to debut on Thursday, December 22, 2022.

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