Who Was Dodi Fayed Dating Before Diana?

Who Was Dodi Fayed Dating Before Diana? As season 5 of The Crown depicts the relationship between Diana and the Egyptian billionaire, viewers may wonder who Dodi Fayed dated before Diana.

Once again, Netflix’s most famous royal series has returned to screens and broken all streaming records. The current season continues the downward spiral in Diana and Charles’ relationship that began in season 4. Dodi Al Fayed’s introduction to Diana in Season 5 is a watershed moment that echoes the real-world events that led to the couple’s romance and the tragic end of Princess Diana’s life.

Dodi Fayed’s ex-girlfriend, who appears in the series’ penultimate episode, has sparked as much curiosity as the actress playing Diana in The Crown. This particular woman generated much interest in the press because of her claims that her deceased boyfriend was having an affair with Diana while they were together. Find out who she is and which actress plays her on The Crown.

Who Was Dodi Fayed Dating Before Diana

Who Was Dodi Fayed Dating Before Diana?

Dodi Fayed dated American model Kelly Fisher before his marriage to Diana. According to Fisher, the couple had been dating for two years, had recently purchased a property in Malibu, and were engaged.

Kelly says she first heard of Dodi and Diana’s romance while sailing one of his family’s yachts in St. Tropez, France. Additionally, she claims he dumped her in a phone call on the same day that news of Dodi’s relationship with the prince was published. Fisher taped the conversation and used it as evidence during the 2007 inquest into Diana’s death.

Where Is Kelly Fisher Now?

The Express reports that Kelly Fisher settled in Aiken, South Carolina, with her Russian pilot husband, Mikhail Movshina. Alexander Grace was born to a happy couple in 2011.

Who Plays Dodi Fayed’s Girlfriend, Kelly Fisher, In The Crown?

Erin Richards, a British actress, plays Kelly Fisher in The Crown. Decommissioned, the season five finale features the 36-year-old actor as the American model. In season 6, she’ll likely reprise her role as Fisher.

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