Who is the Killer in Murder Mystery 2?

Who is the Killer in Murder Mystery 2? The popular Netflix movie franchise “Murder Mystery” has returned with its second installment, “Murder Mystery 2”. This time, Nick and Audrey Spitz are facing a case closer to home, where their friend Vikram the Maharajah is kidnapped, and his bodyguard is murdered. As they begin their investigation, they are joined by Colonel Miller, an ex-MI6 hostage negotiator who has written a book about his experiences.

The Plot of Murder Mystery 2

The plot of “Murder Mystery 2” revolves around Vikram the Maharajah’s wedding, which goes awry when he is kidnapped during the ceremony, leaving everyone in attendance, including the bride, a suspect. Nick and Audrey investigate the incident, and after a series of twists and turns, they finally discover the identity of the killer.

Who is the Killer in Murder Mystery 2?

The killer is Saira, Vikram’s sister, who had planned to kill her brother due to her jealousy towards him being given the family business by their parents, despite her being the smarter one of the pair. It is later revealed that she had hired Colonel Miller and his men to orchestrate the kidnapping and was set to pay them with the ransom money. Nick pieces together the clues and works out that Miller must have been behind the kidnapping after reading his book and learning about his mindset and operating methods.

She Hired Miller to Kidnap the Maharajah

During the movie’s climax, Saira unknowingly provides a crucial piece of evidence when she mentions smudging her henna tattoo during the commotion at the Eiffel Tower. Audrey, who has a background in hairdressing, realizes that Saira’s henna could not have been smudged that night as it had been applied a few days before. This leads Audrey to deduce that the stain she saw on the elephant handler’s robe, which she originally believed to be blood, was actually henna dye. This evidence confirms that Saira was the culprit who attempted to burn the robe and was behind the kidnapping and murder. With its captivating storyline, “Murder Mystery 2” will keep you on edge until the end. The movie features talented actors such as Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston and can be watched on Netflix.

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