Who is NOIVAS (Savion Wright)? The Voice 2023 contestant is an American Idol alum

Who is NOIVAS (Savion Wright)? The Voice, a popular reality show about a singing competition, is returning with a new season. The show’s new season will start on NBC on Monday, March 6, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET.

New contestants will show off their best skills in front of the coaches in an effort to impress them and get on one of their teams. Both the contestants and the coaches are giving it their all to win.

Who is NOIVAS (Savion Wright)?

NOIVAS, whose real name is Savion Wright, is about to make his first appearance on The Voice season 23, where he will wow the coaches. The contestant, on the other hand, has been in singing competitions before.

He tried out for American Idol in seasons 13 and 14. In those seasons, he made it to the Top 30 and Top 24 before being kicked off. During season 14, he was one of the eight people who didn’t make it to the next round.

The popular NBC show has been a huge hit with viewers.

The contestants will sing in front of Niall Horan, Chance The Rapper, Blake Shelton, and Kelly Clarkson, all of whom are new coaches. Shelton will leave the show at the end of this season after 11 successful years, but Clarkson is coming back to the show after a short break.

NOIVAS (Savion Wright) Turns All Four Chairs in The Voice 23 Early Audition Release

When NOIVAS tried out for American Idol eight years ago, he told the judges that he had ADHD and that people picked on him because of it. He got a golden ticket but didn’t go far in the competition. But he made up for it in the next season of “The Voice.”

NOIVAS sang Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” during the blind auditions for season 23 of “The Voice.” As soon as he started to sing, the judges were shocked by how high his pitch was and how good his voice was.

A few seconds into the performance, Kelly Clarkson pressed her buzzer and turned the chair, and then Chance The Rapper did the same. When Blake Shelton did the same thing soon after, he found out that Chance The Rapper had blocked him. This meant that he wouldn’t be able to invite NOIVAS to join his team. Niall Horan was the fourth and last coach to give the contestant his vote.

At the end of the performance, the coaches stood up and cheered for his four chair turns.

All of The Voice’s coaches, except for Blake, had a chance to persuade the contestant to join their team. The singer said his name was Savion Wright and his stage name, NOIVAS, was his first name backwards. The contestant was interesting to the coaches.

Chance The first person to try to change his mind was the rapper. The coach said that the singer had “unmatched talent” and that he would love to give NOIVAS a chance to show the world what he can do.

Chance then asked Blake, another coach, if he knew that the rapper had blocked him. Blake agreed by saying that when the rapper looked at him, he “smiled from ear to ear.” On the other hand, Blake said that nothing, not even the blocks, could stop him. This meant that his fellow coaches were afraid of him.

NOIVAS, on the other hand, told Chance how he had influenced him. The Voice 23 contestant told a story about a rap challenge that Chance made famous in 2016. The singer said that was the first time he had ever tried to rap, and after his video went viral, he thanked the coach for making such an impression on him.

Blake was upset, so he said, “Oh, God.” The contestant asked him to do his signature move: point his finger at the head. Niall joked that Blake was his dad and showed him how to do the move, and then he did it himself like the OG coach.

On the other hand, Kelly tried to convince NOIVAS that she had won the show before and knew how it worked.

Chance then tried to convince the contestant even more by jumping up and down the other coaches’ lanes, making his name show up on each of them. Niall compared NOIVAS to Stevie Wonder and praised him for giving “beautiful, sensitive moments.”

Before the early release video clip was over, the contestant chose to go with his gut. To find out which coach NOIVAS chooses, viewers will have to stay tuned.

People who watch Season 23 of The Voice can expect to see a lot of talented singers and musicians. You can also look forward to the coaches’ funny banter and charming personalities.

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