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Who Is Moreart? Kazakhstani rapper Moreart (Куралбаев Куат) became famous in the West thanks to the track “I will [do well]”, which went viral in TikTok. Previously, he was friends, and then conflicted with Jah Khalib, wrote songs for Say Mo and other artists, and only in 2020 began a solo career.

  • Real name – Куралбаев Куат
  • Alias – Moreart
  • Age – 32 years old
  • Relationship – Married
  • Born At – Kazakhstan
  • Lives In – Kazakhstan

Early Life

Who Is Moreart

Moreart grew up in a dysfunctional family. His father left his family, got involved with drugs, and repeatedly raised his hand against his mother. Mom Kuat is liable for military service, she had to raise children on her own.

Kuralbaev Kuat or Moreart says that he seriously started making music recently, just a couple of years ago. All that he did in school, adolescence, and youth, the performer considers, if not pampering, then study and gaining experience, preparation for something more important.

The performer began to write poetry early enough. The birth of his long-awaited cousin inspired him to create his first work. From the 9th grade, Moreart began to get involved in rap.

Moreart has been recording tracks for a long time, but only a very narrow circle of people was aware of this, only relatives, acquaintances, and close friends. The artist also has experience participating in rap battles.

After school, the artist tried to get an education twice but did not reach the diploma. He went to study to be a lawyer, but he was expelled for inappropriate behavior. And the artist wanted to get a second education in the field of directing and television but did not finish his studies either. I dropped out of school on my own initiative due to the fact that it was not interesting.


The first success was the collaboration with Jah Khalib. He helped Moreart in his creative work, shared his experience. Working with Seimo was also interesting. Coot wrote lyrics for songs for others.

Now he is developing as a solo artist, although there are also joint projects. So, the track with Aihai brought fame. True, the duo does not record new songs.

The track “I Will” brought popularity. The musician owes his fame to TikToku, where he posted the video. To the music, users began to record stories, and the creation itself rose to the top of prestigious charts and streaming services. World stars danced to the hit, foreign portals are trying to unravel the success of the trend.

Although not many users are subscribed to the musician’s account, there are very, very many views. And the newcomer’s track takes the twenty-seventh position in the top “Yandex-Music”, overtaking more famous performers. In this service, the Kazakh rapper is the champion.

Personal Life

Kuat has been happily married for 11 years now, raising a son, however, he does not like to talk about his family and make his personal life public. The woman’s name is Botha.

Aihai prefers to hide the details of his own personal relationships.

Hobbies And Achievements

The artist pointed out that the dance trend was called “yabliyabli”. This popularity has not escaped the attention of the developers of the game “PUBG”. They suggested it as a dance game for gamers.

The artist pointed out that the dance trend was called “yabliyabli”. This popularity has not escaped the attention of the developers of the game “PUBG”. They suggested it as a dance game for gamers.

The popularity of the song is constantly growing, but few know its performer by sight. Therefore, there are no more than ten thousand subscribers to his insta page. The track itself has already firmly established itself in the world charts, overtaking the songs of Dimash.

Moreart fears a repetition of his father’s fate. In his opinion, such an outcome is the most terrible thing in life. He went through a very difficult path to fame.

The artist calls himself a very emotional person. However, too bright outbursts of feelings cause shame in him, because Kuat does not hide that he continues to work on restraint.

He has been married for over ten years. A son is growing up in the family. The artist calls his mother (for patience) and his wife (for constant support and love) the dearest women for himself.

The project “Moreart Feat. IHI”, which became happy for Kuat and Aihai, ceased to exist. It is not known whether the joint activities will resume or not.

Interesting Facts

  • Most of all, Moreart is afraid of repeating the fate of his father.
  • Aihai pays a lot of attention to his appearance, in his opinion, on stage he should always look beautiful and presentable, this gives him self-confidence.
  • Of all the contemporary artists, Moreart likes the sound of Molly or Olga Seryabkina the most.
  • Moreart considers himself to be a very emotional person, but he is sometimes ashamed of being too vivid a manifestation of feelings. He believes that he needs to work hard on his restraint.
  • Moreart appreciates two women most of all in his life – his mother for her patience and a happy childhood, and his wife for the love and support that she gives him every day.

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