Who is Mireille Enos? In Lucky Hank She Will Play Lily Devereaux

Who is Mireille Enos? Mireille Enos has spent most of her acting career either plotting to kill people or fighting zombies. She is now set to play the lead in Lucky Hank, AMC’s newest drama, which also stars Bob Odenkirk from Better Call Saul.

This is also Odenkirk’s return to AMC, where he worked on the popular shows Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, where he was the main character.

The first episode of Lucky Hank will air on AMC on March 19, 2023. It will be about a high school English teacher who gets in trouble when he tells a student who is writing that he is not the next Geoffrey Chaucer. Mireille Enos will play the school’s principal and the wife of Bob Odenkirk.

Who is Mireille Enos

Who is Mireille Enos?

Mireille Enos is an American actress who was born in September 1975. She has been in the business for a very long time. She moved to Houston, Texas, when she was five. She came from a mixed-race family. She wanted to be an actress since she was very young and went to the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.

Mireille Enos then went to Brigham Young University to study theatre. After that, she made her first appearance in the TV movie Without Consent (1994). Someone Like You was her first role in a full-length movie (2001). Soon, Enos started getting bigger parts, and in the end, he was in movies like Dark Was the Night, The Captive, The Lie, and Sabotage, which were all very popular. She also made her mark on TV with shows like The Killing, Hanna, and Good Omen.

Enos will play Lily, the principal of a local high school who is in the middle of a crisis because her husband did something that was controversial.

Bon Odenkirk will be on Lucky Hank on AMC on March 19, 2023.

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