Who Does Edie Falco Play In Avatar: The Way Of Water?

Who Does Edie Falco Play In Avatar: The Way Of Water? A few years ago, you wouldn’t have been laughed out of the room if you said you never thought Avatar: The Way of Water would ever come up from the depths and be shown on screens worldwide. The first James Cameron epic came out in 2009, and after it was announced that there would be a sequel, there were slow reports of delays and talks of more sequels.

But years went by, and some people gave up on the idea that the project would ever happen.

Now, after an incredible thirteen years, we are finally here. Still, it’s here, and it’s quite a sight to see.

Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington are back to play the same roles, but there are also many new people in the series. One of them recently talked about the project. Who does Edie Falco play in Avatar: The Way of Water? You might be interested to know.

Who Does Edie Falco Play In Avatar: The Way Of Water?

In Avatar: The Way of Water, Edie plays General Ardmore. She is the leader in charge of the RDA’s interests.

In the first movie, the RDA was the human group settling in Pandora. In the sequel, they are still using the planet’s resources.

Colonel Miles Quaritch’s (Stephen Lang) memory and personality are put into a Na’vi avatar in the first act. He then meets Frances, who tells him that the RDA has done more on Pandora in the last year than they have in their history there.

She tells Miles that Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), his archenemy, has been planning attacks on the RDA supply lines. She asks Miles to take on his archenemy and ensure operations go smoothly.

As for Edie’s career, the 59-year-old American actress has been in shows like The Sopranos (where she played Carmela Soprano), Nurse Jackie (where she played Jackie Peyton), and Oz (Diane Whittlesey).

The Many Saints of Newark (Carmela) and Freedomland are just two movies she’s been in (Karen Colluci).

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