Who Did Will Smith Have An Affair With?

Last year the Hollywood couple was the victim of several criticisms after the news broke that rapper August Alsina had a “history” with Jada Pinkett-Smith with the actor’s permission.

After the shocking news that Jada Pinkett was unfaithful to Will Smith with a friend of his son, singer August Alsina, many years ago, Will is now in controversy because he too would have had an affair.

On this occasion, an old rumor resurfaced involving Will and a beautiful co-worker, with whom he recorded some films.

Apparently, the actor and actress Margot Robbie would have been more than just partners on the set. Since they shot the hit movie ‘ Focus ‘ in 2015, the rumors have intensified.

During his revealing conversation with his wife on “Red Table Talk,” Will commented that they had both made mistakes without fear of losing their family.

At first, both denied these statements, until they participated in the program Red Table Talk, where celebrities recognized the type of relationship they have to maintain their marriage. Now, during a new interview for GQ magazine, Will Smith admitted that for the first few years, their marriage was a monogamous relationship, until they decided to explore the possibilities by believing that they were miserable: “Clearly something had to change,” declared the actor.

As the talk progressed, the protagonist of ” The Prince of Bel-Air ” confessed that both he and his wife had had sexual relations with other people while they were together and that Jada Pinkett never believed in conventional life, so the artists grew up quite differently from each other, according to Smith.

Despite the fact that they have been married since 1997 and have Jayden and Willow Smith as children, the 53-year-old actor explained that, for them, marriage cannot be seen as a prison, and that even this lifestyle has allowed them to feel freer by the experiences they live, this without neglecting the unconditional support that for Will “is the highest definition of love.”

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