Where Was Hallmark’s Unexpected Grace Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Where Was Hallmark’s Unexpected Grace Filmed? Linda-Lisa Hayter is in charge of the Hallmark movie “Unexpected Grace,” which is a feel-good drama. It tells the story of Grace, a young girl who finds a balloon with a nice note from another girl named Toni. The writing is an offer to become friends. So, since Grace is new in town, she replies. The conversation leads to unplanned relationships and events that change the lives of three people. The movie was more exciting and dramatic because the setting was busy and beautiful. If you liked watching this movie and want to know where it was shot, here’s everything you need to know!

Where Was Hallmark’s Unexpected Grace Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Filming Locations for Unexpected Grace

Most of the movie “Unexpected Grace” was shot in British Columbia, especially in Vancouver. Around December 2022, the crew was said to be filming in the most western province of Canada. A lot of movies and TV shows are filmed in the seaport city because it’s cheap, full of new talent, and has a lot of different places to shoot.

Because of all of these things, Hallmark movies are often shot here, so it’s not surprising that the people who made “Unexpected Grace” took advantage of the chance. So, let’s get right to the specific places where the movie was shot.

British Columbia, Vancouver

All of “Unexpected Grace’s” important scenes were supposedly shot in Vancouver, which is also known as the “Hollywood of the North.” Moviemakers know The Rain City for its skilled film technicians, natural and modern places to film, generous tax breaks, and high-quality production studios. As you can see in the movie, Vancouver stands in for the Oregon city of Ashland. In the same way, it has been used to stand in for places like Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, and San Jose.

The crew was supposed to be filming scenes in deep snow and very cold weather, but they kept their spirits up so they could finish. In addition, actor Michael Rady said in an interview that he met up with other people in the business while making the movie.

The Marine Building, Campbell River, Vancouver Art Gallery, and Hatley Castle are all well-known places to shoot in the city. But if you’re a Vancouver tourist, you must check out the Greenville Island Public Market, The Aquabus, Stanley Park, and Granville Island. “Once Upon a Holiday,” “Christmas Joy,” and “Road to Christmas” are all Hallmark movies that were filmed in this busy city.

Unexpected Grace Cast

  • Michael Rady as Jack
  • Erica Durance as Noelle
  • Sophia Powers as Toni
  • Erica Tremblay as Grace
  • Vincent Gale as Chris
  • Dean Marshall as Jerry
  • Glen Gordon as Owen
  • Trevor Carroll as Mr. Brown
  • Eva Brooke Baker as Maya
  • David Attar as Brian
  • Winson Won as Process Server
  • Addison Jones as Liv
  • Rebecca Jane Todd as Emily
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