Where was FUBAR on Netflix filmed?

Where was FUBAR on Netflix filmed? We’re truly living in an intriguing era of streaming platform content, where Hollywood A-listers are becoming an increasingly common sight in TV shows. Names once considered unattainable for TV series, from Kevin Costner to Sir Anthony Hopkins, are now fronting hit shows, a trend that the Netflix comedy-action-adventure series, FUBAR, is keeping alive with the casting of Arnold Schwarzenegger. But in this article, we’re not going to focus on the stars. Instead, we’re taking you on a journey to the filming locations of the first-ever scripted TV show Arnold has done: FUBAR on Netflix.

FUBAR Filming Locations Unveiled: From Antwerp to Toronto

The European Charm: Antwerp, Belgium

A significant part of FUBAR on Netflix was filmed in Europe, specifically in Antwerp, Belgium. The choice of this city, known for its distinctive style, breathtaking landscapes, and alluring architecture, may surprise some. Yet, several TV shows have found a cinematic haven in this stunning city.

For instance, you may recall watching Rough Diamonds, set amidst Antwerp’s Hasidic community. Another diamond-centric crime drama, ‘The Antwerp Dolls,’ was also filmed here. For FUBAR, Arnold’s stunt double was frequently utilized to film the action sequences on the city streets. Iconic spots like Lambermontplaats, an eight-sided square in the Zuidkwartier district, feature in a car chase scene. Likewise, The Brabo Fountain, located in the main square in front of City Hall, is highlighted in another thrilling chase sequence.

The North American Hub: Toronto, Canada

A fair share of FUBAR on Netflix was filmed in Toronto, Canada, encompassing a blend of studio sets and location work. If you follow the Toronto Filming Twitter account, you’ll find fascinating snapshots of the crew filming the show, often bustling about on Victoria Street. Toronto has long been a favorite location for film productions. If you’re a horror fan, you might be interested in a new prequel to IT, which is transforming Port Hope into a filming location for the much-anticipated series.

More Stories on FUBAR

FUBAR on Netflix is more than just a star-studded show; it’s a fusion of locations, characters, and narratives. But what does FUBAR stand for on Netflix? That’s a story for another time. Stay tuned to uncover more behind-the-scenes details about this captivating series.

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