When will Season 17 of ‘Heartland’ be on Netflix?

Netflix’s ‘Heartland continues to win hearts worldwide, even though some regions have lost out on earlier seasons or the show entirely. Season 17 of the beloved series is now confirmed, but fans are eager to know – when will it make its way to Netflix? Let’s delve into what we know so far.

Production Begins on Heartland Season 17

According to the official Heartland blog, the filming for the upcoming season commenced on May 8th. A significant milestone is in the offing as the first episode of season 17 will be the show’s 250th episode! For more about the production, you can visit the official Heartland blog.

When will Season 17 of ‘Heartland’ be on Netflix

A Glimpse into Heartland Season 17

The blog offers a sneak peek into what fans can anticipate from the next season. Season 17 of Heartland is all about embracing unexpected turns of life. It promises new experiences and unexplored paths. As per the blog,

“In Season 17, the Heartland family know better than most that while dreams can sometimes come true, more often life takes us in unexpected directions…Amy (Amber Marshall), Lou (Michelle Morgan), Jack (Shaun Johnston), and Tim (Chris Potter) will continue to fight for what they believe in while staying rooted in the land that has been in the Bartlett-Fleming family for generations.”

The question remains – when will season 17 land on Netflix? The answer varies significantly based on your location.

Why Heartland Isn’t on Netflix Canada Anymore?

For fans in Canada, the show is no longer available to stream on Netflix. In March 2023, Heartland, along with other CBC content, was pulled off from Netflix Canada. This removal was aligned with a strategic shift by CBC to make its shows exclusive to CBC and its CBC Gem service.

Heartland Season 17 on Netflix US – Not Before 2025

Netflix users in the United States might be familiar with the lag in receiving new seasons. The network UP Faith & Family holds an exclusivity period for the show, causing Netflix to trail behind by two or three seasons. As such, season 17 isn’t expected to hit Netflix US until at least 2025. 

Heartland Season 17’s Arrival on Netflix Internationally

At least 19 regions outside the US, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Latin America, Asia, France, Israel, and India, also stream Heartland. In these regions, new seasons arrive a year earlier than on Netflix in the US. Given this pattern, we can anticipate season 17 of Heartland to arrive in these regions sometime in early to mid-2024.

Unfortunately, for regions outside the United States, early seasons of Heartland (seasons 1 through 6) are no longer available on Netflix.

Recap of Heartland’s Journey on Netflix

To refresh your memory, Heartland is a multi-generational saga set in Alberta, Canada, and centered around a family getting through life together in both happy and trying times. Over the years, the show has garnered a dedicated fan base who eagerly anticipate each new season. Netflix has been a major platform for the series’ international success, although the arrival of new seasons varies by region.

Heartland in the US – A Waiting Game

For American fans, waiting for a new season can be a test of patience. Netflix US is typically two to three seasons behind the current season. For instance, season 15 of Heartland is confirmed for a May 30th release date, while season 16 is expected to arrive sometime in early to mid-2024. This means that season 17 won’t likely grace Netflix US until at least 2025.

Netflix Canada Bids Farewell to Heartland

In Canada, where the show originates, Netflix viewers had to say goodbye to Heartland in March 2023. The departure coincided with CBC’s decision to pull most of its content off Netflix Canada. This move saw popular titles like Heartland and Kim’s Convenience becoming exclusive to CBC and its CBC Gem service.

International Heartland Fans Have Reason to Celebrate

International fans have a shorter wait for new seasons. Heartland is available on Netflix in at least 19 regions outside the US, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Latin America, Asia, France, Israel, and India. These regions generally receive new seasons a year earlier than Netflix US. With season 16 of the show having arrived in early 2023, we can expect season 17 to arrive sometime in early to mid-2024.

Final Note

While the waiting game for Heartland’s new seasons can be frustrating, the show’s heartwarming stories, relatable characters, and beautiful landscapes are worth the wait. As always, we recommend staying tuned for official announcements and updates about Heartland Season 17’s arrival on Netflix.

Your Thoughts?

Are you excited for a new season of Heartland on Netflix? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. It’s always great to connect with fellow Heartland enthusiasts!

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