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When Does West Side Story Come Out

When Does West Side Story Come Out? West Side Story was one of the musicals that have drawn millions to theaters since the 1960s. And as a film, it won the Oscars. Now the iconic director Spielberg is bringing the piece to the cinema again – and is even closer to the original than the first film.

The director Steven Spielberg stands for film classics such as “ET”, “Jurassic Park”, “Back to the Future”, “Jaws”, “Schindler’s List”, and “Indiana Jones”. He is considered one of the most commercially successful directors. A musical has not yet been found in his résumé. The 74-year-old has now made up for that with the cinema adaptation of the hugely successful musical “West Side Story”. And if it says Spielberg on it, it could be a box office hit. Will he make another big hit with “West Side Story”?

West Side Story Details

“West Side Story” from 1961, directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, first adapted the Broadway musical from 1957 and is one of those film musicals that is firmly anchored in American pop culture. Not only was it a box office hit, but it also won ten Academy Awards. It remains to be seen whether the remake can top that.

Rachel Zegler as Maria

For the individuals Romeo and Juliet, Spielberg has recruited two musically trained performers. Ansel Elgort, star of Baby Driver, succeeds Richard Beymer as Tony. Elgort is more of an actor than Beymer and he complies but confirms that Tony is the dullest character in the play.

The greater the challenge for Rachel Zegler as a replacement for Natalie Wood (who did not sing) and the greater the success. The 20-year-old rookie singer and actress shines and steals every scene with her gaze and voice. The same can be applied to secondary David Álvarez (Bernardo, María’s brother), Mike Faist (Riff) or Ariana DeBose (Anita).

Zegler’s Hispanic heritage is more remote (his mother has Colombian origins), but it is an aspect that has been taken care of compared to the whitewashing of the original, where many Sharks had directly colored faces.

When Does West Side Story Come Out

The new ‘West Side Story’ opens in US theaters on December 10. Release date of ‘West Side Story’ in other countries, Belgium – 8 December 2021, Denmark – 8 December 2021, Finland – 8 December 2021, France – 8 December 2021, Indonesia – 8 December 2021, South Korea – 8 December 2021, Portugal – 8 December 2021, United Arab Emirates – 9 December 2021, Argentina – 9 December 2021, Brazil – 9 December 2021, Germany – 9 December 2021, Hungary – 9 December 2021, Cambodia – 9 December 2021, Lithuania – 9 December 2021 (limited), Mexico – 9 December 2021, Netherlands – 9 December 2021, Serbia – 9 December 2021, Russia – 9 December 2021, Slovakia – 9 December 2021, Ukraine – 9 December 2021, Canada – 10 December 2021, UK – 10 December 2021, Ireland – 10 December 2021, India – 10 December 2021, Japan – 10 December 2021, Lithuania – 10 December 2021, Latvia – 10 December 2021, Norway – 10 December 2021, Poland – 10 December 2021, Sweden – 10 December 2021, Turkey – 10 December 2021, USA – 10 December 2021, Croatia – 16 December 2021, Spain – 22 December 2021, Hong Kong – 23 December 2021 , Italy – 23 December 2021, Australia – 26 December 2021, Iceland – 26 December 2021, Singapore – 6 January 2022.

Is West Side Story on Netflix 2021?

It has not yet been confirmed by Netflix or Spielberg, but Speilberg has partnered with Netflix for his company Amblin Partners in 2021.

Who is the director of the film West Side Story?

Steven Spielberg directed the film West Side Story and screenplay by Tony Kushner.



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