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When Did Fred And Rose West Get Caught | Fred And Rose West Documentary Netflix

February 28, 1994. Gloucester, England. The evening falls and it is cold. But the discovery further chills the blood of the policemen. The dismembered body of a young woman appears in one of the many wells that had been dug. It was wrapped in a garbage bag.

It was Heather West. She had been raped, tortured, and mutilated. The place where the body was found: the garden of his house. The criminals: his father and mother.

Fred and Rosemary West made up the UK’s cruelest serial killer couple. Behind the image of the family that they sold to the world, theirs is a sinister story of incest, depravity, and horror. A story that, masked in extreme British discretion, revealed that violence and perversion have no limits.

This is the chronicle of a black legend of madness, sex, and death.

When Did Fred And Rose West Get Caught

On February 25, 1994, in the English city of Gloucester, the 52-year-old craftsman Frederick West was arrested on a high suspicion of murder. The squat man was rated by his neighbors as inconspicuous, friendly, and average.

The West couple rented out some of the cramped rooms cheaply, especially to young runaways and lovers who valued discretion. As police began looking for possible victims in the West’s home and garden, officers came across one gruesome find after another. In the “Horror House of Gloucester”, as the media soon called it, investigators discovered the skeletons of several murdered women and girls. In a former residence in West, they found other victims, all of them women.

Those murdered included West’s first wife and two of his daughters, a nanny who was heavily pregnant at the time of the crime, and a young tourist. In addition to West, his second wife Rosemary soon came under suspicion of having been involved in the hustle and bustle. Fred West hanged himself in his prison cell on January 1, 1995, before the trial opened.

Rosemary was later sentenced to life imprisonment for complicity in ten cases, including the murder of her own daughter and her first marriage stepdaughter. On September 1, 1997, the 43-year-old got engaged to Stephen Saliwon, a sex criminal who had also been arrested.

Are Fred And Rose West Death

Fred West is said to have lost 13 lives, Rose West was charged with ten murders. Fred West was arrested and charged in 1992 but escaped his sentence by suicide in 1995. Rose West went to court in 1994 and was given a life sentence in November 1995.

Fred and Rosemary

To the rest of the world, Fred and Rosemary West seemed like a normal couple and like any other in England in 1994. Although they were poor, they managed to support their children, who were known to have very introverted personalities.

What no one knew is that behind the door of his house at 25 Cromwell Street, indescribable horrors have hidden that cost the lives of dozens of young people, including the couple’s daughters, who were part of their perverse sexual games.

Fred (Frederick Walter Stephen West) Alcoholic Father Beat Him

The beginning of the story begins in 1941 with the birth of Fred into a humble family of farmers in the small town of Much Marcle. His childhood was not easy because he had to help his parents in the fields, as he had an innate ability for these tasks, he could seldom get out of there, but when he did it was shoplifting.

After long days in the fields, Fred’s childhood days worsened at night when his alcoholic father beat him and his mother raped him – at age 12 he began to abuse him.

Wanting to end all this mistreatment, at the age of 15 decided to leave her town without looking back. His adventure did not last long either, because when he did not find what he expected in the town of Hertford – where he ended up sleeping on the street – he returned home to resume his old life.

Fred West With His Sister

Once at home, things returned to their usual rhythm but this time Fred started raping his younger sister. Years later, in 1961, Kitty, the youngest of the Fred West, confessed that the young man had forced her to have sex with him for several months. At just 13 years old, she had become pregnant. Fred did not deny it and even though the case went to trial, he was dismissed because the girl backed down on her complaint.

With the rejection of much of his family, he left Much Marcle behind and his life was transformed into a long wandering through different cities of Gloucestershire. Boastful and vulgar, he never stopped boasting of his achievements and achievements. However, few took seriously this tough villager who roamed the canteens.

Fred And Rena Costello Married

Unfortunately, some women believed him, found him charming, and fell into his nets. One of them was Rena Costello, a 21-year-old prostitute who was pregnant with a Pakistani bus driver.

She fell deeply in love. She loved him as she had rarely loved anyone. At the time, Fred drove an ice cream truck, adopted Charmaine, the daughter she was expecting, and they were married in Ledbury on November 17, 1962. On that day, Rena’s fate was tragically marked.

Fred Daughter Anne Maria

In July 1964, Anne Marie, the couple’s first daughter, was born. The marriage was not easy, since Fred never got a permanent job and never settled in one place, on the contrary, they roamed through different cities in a mobile home of the time, according to the crime portal Murderpedia.

Rena did what she could to raise her daughters as well as possible. But it was difficult. Fred was aggressive. He kept them locked up when he went out. He beat and mistreated them.

Rena Costello Leave Fred

Despite her past as a sex worker, Rena grew tired of Fred‘s high sexual demands and his constant infidelities, The marriage situation became untenable, so she left the man for Scotland, leaving the girls with him.

Fred Murdered Anne McFall

He was alone for a short time. He soon began a relationship with Anne McFall, his daughters’ nanny. I was 18 years old. She was the first victim on record.

It was 1967. The young woman was happy and eight months pregnant. But West didn’t want any more children. So quickly and without guilt, he got rid of what was bothering him. He murdered her, amputated her fingers and toes, removed the fetus from her womb.

No one ever reported Mcfail as missing, but her body was found in 1994.


On November 29, 1953, in Devon, Rosemary Letts was born. Her parents suffered from mental illness and the pregnancy had been difficult. The electroshock treatment to deal with the depression that her pregnant mother, Daisy, received could have caused a prenatal injury that caused Rose to underperform in school and to star in frequent aggressive episodes in childhood.

At home, the situation was always difficult. His father, schizophrenic and paranoid, used to have violent behavior. For women, he became a terrifying and authoritarian presence.

So much so that her mother eventually left the family home and took the girl with her. A few years later, however, in her teens, Rose decided to return to live with her father. It was a way of avoiding the limits Daisy placed on her rebelliousness and the complicated relationships she used to face: she was always bonding with older men.

Rosemary Met Fred

Rose’s parents forbade her daughter to continue dating Fred, but she defied her wishes and made her go to Gloucestershire Social Services to explain that their 15-year-old daughter was having a sexual relationship with an older man and that she had heard rumors that she had started working in prostitution in Fred’s trailer. In response, Rose was taken to a troubled teenager’s home in Cheltenham in August 1969 and was only allowed to leave under controlled conditions. When Rose was allowed to return home on the weekend to visit her parents, Rose almost always took the opportunity to visit Fred. On her 16th birthday, Rose left the home for troubled teenagers to return to her parents, while Fred was serving a thirty-day sentence for theft and unpaid fines. After Fred was released, Rose left her parents’ house to move to the Cheltenham apartment where he then lived. Shortly afterward, Fred picked Charmaine and Anna Marie up from the social welfare office. Rose’s father made one last attempt to prevent his daughter from seeing Fred, and Rose was examined by a police surgeon in February 1970, who confirmed she was pregnant. In response, Rose was taken into custody again, but released on March 6 with an agreement that she would terminate her pregnancy and would return to her family. Instead, Rose chose to live with Fred, which resulted in her father forbidding his daughter from ever setting foot in his household again. Three months later, the couple vacated the Cheltenham apartment and moved into the ground floor apartment of a two-story house on Midland Road in Gloucester. On October 17, 1970, Rose gave birth to their first child: a daughter named Heather Ann (speculation remains that Heather may have been fathered by Rose’s own father ). Two months later, Fred was jailed for stealing car tires and a vehicle tax stamp. He remained imprisoned until June 24, 1971. While serving those six and a half months in prison, Rose, who had just turned 17, looked after the three girls, with Charmaine and Anna Marie instructed to refer to Rose as their mother. According to Anna Marie, she and Charmaine suffered frequent physical and emotional abuse throughout the time they were in Rose’s care on Midland Roadexposed, but although Anna Marie was generally submissive and prone to showing emotion in response to the abuse, Charmaine repeatedly enraged Rose by her stoic refusal to either cry or show any signs of grief or bondage, no matter how severely treated her became. Despite the years of neglect and abuse, Charmaine’s courage was not broken and she spoke wistfully to Anna Marie of the belief that her “mom will come and save me”. Anna Marie later recalled that her sister repeatedly annoyed Rose by responding to Rose’s scathing language by making statements such as, “My real mom wouldn’t scold or berate us.” A childhood friend of Charmaine named Tracey Giles, who had lived in the upstairs apartment on Midland Road later recalled an incident in which she walked into the Wests’ apartment unannounced, only to find Charmaine naked and standing in a chair, gagged and with her hands belted behind her back when Rose stood next to the child with a large wooden spoon in her hand. According to Giles, Charmaine was “calm and carefree” while Anna Marie stood at the door with a blank expression on her face. Hospital records show that Charmaine was treated in the emergency department of Gloucester Royal Hospital for a severe stab wound to his left ankle on March 28, 1971. This incident was explained by Rose as a result of a household accident.

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