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What Happened With Vecna And Eleven?

What Happened With Vecna And Eleven? It’s a big surprise towards the end of Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 1.

It has been a long time since we learned anything about the origins of Upside Down or why Hawkins is so intertwined with it.

Furthermore, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) appears to have a new foe that rivals the Mind-Flayer in power.

Who Is Vecna On Stranger Things?

Stranger Things Season 4 introduces a new creature, Vecna, to the town of Hawkins.

When Vecna returns from Upside Down, he is able to communicate with a variety of troubled kids, including Chrissy and Max.


In order to keep his victims on edge, Vecna used a combination of waking nightmares and the picture of a massive grandfather clock.

Eventually, he breaks their bones to death in a gruesome manner.

What Happened With Vecna And Eleven?

Let’s begin in the laboratory, shall we? It was revealed that Peter (Jamie Campbell Bower), the friendly orderly at the Hawkins lab, wasn’t quite as helpful as he had been making it seem.

Eleven is eventually coerced by Peter into removing a little chip from his neck after he has spent some time whispering in her ear and assisting her in gaining control of her abilities.

That he’s no average orderly is evident once it’s gone.


Doctor Brenner (Matthew Modine) used to experiment on children for their telekinetic/psychic abilities, and one of those children, One, was found to have such severe psychosis that his abilities could not be replicated in any other children so the doctors implanted a chip into him.

As a young kid, he killed his family (the maimed Creels) using his telekinesis and psychic skills, implanting awful pictures in their brains before snapping bones and popping eyeballs as he’s doing in 1980s Hawkins.

It’s not clear why this was done. When his mother summoned a doctor to put him up, he decided that he had no option but to kill some people. He felt that he was a natural predator who had a duty to expose his family’s hypocrisy.

In the end, he wound himself in Hawkins’s lab being examined for his skills despite his exhaustion from the attempt (and his father’s escape from the facility).

The soft-spoken orderly who has been protecting Eleven for a long time grew up there.

After being imprisoned (and presumably subjected to the electrical torture we saw him receive in previous episodes), he seeks vengeance; nevertheless, he also implies that murdering others gives him more strength and that all of his victims are “still with him.”

He then goes on a violent rampage, killing all of the guards, orderlies, and other prisoners before Eleven finally catches up with him and confronts him about his crimes against humanity.

After a vicious struggle with his psychic abilities, Eleven is ultimately successful in defeating him. Accidentally sending him into the Upside Down (presumably calling a gate from within his torso), moments before Dr. Brenner rushes into the room to discover her as the solitary survivor; to put it another way, she is the only one still alive.

Continuing on from the very first scene of the season, which occurred in the very first episode, but now explaining its deeper significance.

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