What Happened To Zeke On Manifest?

What Happened To Zeke On Manifest? Fans of the hit show Manifest have eagerly anticipated the arrival of the second half of Season 4 on Netflix since its release on June 2. Filled with surprising twists and turns, the series has captivated audiences with its fascinating plotline revolving around the mysterious Death Date. Creator Jeff Rake has hinted at an ambitious series finale that goes above and beyond what viewers have come to expect from the show, and part of this surprise came in the form of an unexpected character development: the death of Zeke.

Zeke’s Shocking Departure

Midway through the final season, audiences were left reeling when Michaela’s husband, Zeke, tragically died. While this wasn’t Zeke’s first encounter with death, this time it was definitive. Zeke’s death was no ordinary demise – in the context of the show, normalcy often takes a backseat to the extraordinary. His death was the result of a selfless act of sacrifice when he chose to absorb Cal’s cancer, in an attempt to defeat the nefarious Angelina and potentially save the world.

What Happened To Zeke On Manifest

The Actor Behind Zeke

Actor Matt Long, who portrayed Zeke, disclosed how he discovered his character’s fate in an interview with Tudum. Long mentioned how Rake broke the news to him, and how he managed to keep it secret from the rest of the cast. Long stated, “He sat me down and told me everything… He told me that Zeke was going to give his life to save Cal, and therefore, hopefully, save the lifeboat and everyone on planet Earth.”

Long confessed that while the news was hard to hear, he loved the character’s direction. The revelation moved him emotionally due to his connection with Zeke and the depth of his character’s storyline.

Zeke’s Spirit Lingers

Despite Zeke’s untimely death, his presence continues to resonate in the remaining episodes of the series. He makes appearances as Ghost Zeke, visiting Michaela to offer support and guidance. This assistance involves Michaela aligning with her ex-partner and fellow detective, Jared Vasquez, adding another intriguing layer to the story.


Manifest’s thrilling fourth season finale, available on Netflix, has been designed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. While Zeke’s departure was a shocking turn of events, his spirit lives on, shaping the events of the story and leaving a lasting impact. The unexpected twists and compelling character arcs are testament to Manifest’s gripping storytelling, making it a must-watch series for any fan of mystery and drama.

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