What Happened To Jamie Tartt’s dad in Ted Lasso Season 3?

What Happened To Jamie Tartt’s dad in Ted Lasso Season 3? One of the recurring themes in the hit Apple TV+ show “Ted Lasso” has been the intricate and often strained dynamics between fathers and sons. One of the most significant of these dynamics is the relationship between Jamie Tartt and his dad, James Tartt. However, as we tune into the latest episodes of season 3, the question emerges – what happened to Jamie Tartt’s dad in Ted Lasso Season 3?

Anxious Anticipation of a Reunion

The eleventh episode of the third season of Ted Lasso revolves around the match of Richmond against Premier League giants Manchester City. Jamie Tartt, a critical player for Richmond, finds himself increasingly nervous about the prospect of a reunion with his dad, James Tartt, during the match. The last encounter between the two was a heated one in season 2, which resulted in Jamie physically striking his father in response to his mockery. As the show progresses, we witness Jamie’s growing apprehension, which leads him to confide in Roy and seek counsel from his mother.

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A Father’s Absence Explained: What Happened to Jamie Tartt’s Dad in Ted Lasso Season 3?

Despite Jamie’s anticipation and concerns about his father’s presence, James Tartt is conspicuously absent during the match. His absence raises questions – what happened to Jamie Tartt’s dad in Ted Lasso Season 3?

As it turns out, James Tartt has checked into rehab to tackle his alcoholism. This development comes as a significant relief for viewers who might have feared a worse fate for James given his sudden absence. Throughout the match, we see James’ friends, Bug and Denbo, cheering for Jamie, raising their hip flasks as a tribute to his father. The scene cuts to James watching the match on television from the rehab center, and it’s clear that he’s proud of his son’s accomplishments.

Introduction of Jamie’s Mother

In addition to the narrative around Jamie’s dad, episode 11 introduces viewers to another significant character in Jamie’s life – his mother, Georgie. She’s been an unseen but often-mentioned figure in the series, remembered for her desire for Jamie’s happiness and as a counterpoint to James Tartt’s more aggressive parenting approach.

In this season, Jamie takes time to reconnect with his mother at his childhood home. Georgie is portrayed by Leanne Best, a seasoned actress known for her roles in popular series such as Line Of Duty, Ripper Street, Cold Feet, Prime Video’s Carnival Row, Black Mirror, and Tin Star.

Looking Forward in Ted Lasso Season 3

As we continue to navigate the intricate personal narratives in Ted Lasso season 3, we are left to wonder how the developments surrounding James Tartt will affect Jamie’s character arc moving forward. As we ask, “what happened to Jamie Tartt’s dad in Ted Lasso Season 3,” we are reminded of the show’s ability to weave personal struggles into its engaging football storyline.

Fans of the series will have to keep tuning in as Season 3 of Ted Lasso continues to air weekly on Apple TV+ until the finale on Wednesday, May 31, 2023.

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