What Happened In Love Island Season 9 Finale? Who Won The Show?

What Happened In Love Island Season 9 Finale? The Love Island Season 9 Finale starts with Maya and the other Islanders having a party in the villa. We’re going to see Maya and then find out what happened in the last 24 hours. So it will switch between Live and the updates every 24 hours.

So the Islanders get up and make drinks to celebrate making it to the finals. Ron gets a text message that says the Islanders are invited to a last party tonight. The two groups go outside. Then, they find a couple of people who teach Flamingo Dance. The couples then try out the dance moves, with some doing better than others. But like I say like not everyone can dance. Dance moves and choreography are not easy for everyone to learn, so it is what it is.

What Happened In Love Island Season 9 Finale?

Then, in the Season 9 finale of Love Island, it was time for the girls to get a spa day. Today is spa day. They are very happy to leave the villa. We all know that tonight is the last party, so everyone needs to look great. We’ve all been waiting for this night.

Maya asks us who we think will win and shows us all of the couples. We look at what happened yesterday. When the girls get to the spa, they sit down to be pampered and talk about how much they’ve changed since they moved into the villa. And I thought, “Well, of course you guys are going to be different.”

There has been a lot of attention on you as a group, but the public has voted for couples when it comes to each of you as an individual. We’ve had people vote for certain people. We’ve asked people what they think about this, that, and everything else. So, all that energy on you will cause you to change in some way. We don’t know if that’s for the better or for the worse. You’re going to be very different, of course.

Who Won In Love Island Season 9?

Then, Maya gets ready to tell us who won and tells us that Kai and Sanam won Love Island 2023 and Winter Love Island 2023. I was really happy for them. You guys already know that I didn’t like Kai for most of the show. And then Sanam came in and changed my whole opinion of him as a person. She gave him more. She was pretty much the ideal girl from the start.

From my point of view, she was pretty, smart, and cool. She was sweet and kind, and I liked that about her. But she helped me like Kai a lot. We also want to congratulate the first couple of colour to win Love Island. The first group to win Love Island Season 9 is from the Caribbean.

So they get their prize of 50,000 pounds. I think they’ll each get $25. Let them start their new lives and be blessed on their way. Again, many thanks to them.

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