Harper has come to terms with the fact that she will be sexually assaulted

Out of nowhere, they decide to pull off, and as Tilla and Chook exit the vehicle, Harper and Jayden are left alone in the back.

In a hurry, Ca$h in the front seat presses the button, which releases the door, and she bolts out of the car.

In her frantic haste to flee, she loses a handful of hair that Jayden yanks out of her head in an unsuccessful attempt to capture her.

And when Harper loses her hair throughout the rehousing process, she completely breaks down emotionally.

Despite Jason not recognising her, he incorrectly assumes that Harper is the invader.

Harper figures out how to secure the door and shut herself in.

In spite of this, she has yet to fully forgive Amerie for refusing to let her stay in her house when she needed to find refuge.