The Pearson family met in an emotional moment that features one of the main characters of these six seasons; the end will leave a hole in the hearts of many

However, as preparation, the last aired episode destroyed the audience , not for nothing Mandy Moore threw up when reading the script.  

The Pearson family gathered to say goodbye to Rebecca on her deathbed in a layered episode.  

Those who follow this production are already prepared to shed some tears.  

However, this is possibly one of its most emotional chapters and it took place at different times and through multiple intertwining storylines that revealed how Jack's death would play a role in how Alzheimer's is treated. 

Rebecca remained in a deep sleep, on a train, which had been hinted at in previous chapters.  

In another, the nurse told the family that she didn't think the family matriarch would survive another night and she recommended starting with her goodbyes. 

The first was Beth, who shared an intimate moment. In the dream, Rebecca heard the words on the train's loudspeaker. At one point, while she was there (in her dream), she decided to go to the bar run by Dr. Katowski, the doctor she received her children from.