The "Stranger Things" mania has also affected Doja Cat.

She got in touch with Noah Schnapp, one of his co-stars, to learn more about Joseph Quinn.

The information was shared via Noah Schnapp’s TikTok.

It's no secret that Schnapp is well-versed in the antics of "Stranger Things" fans, having worked on the show himself.

He shared some of his exchanges with Doja.

who contacted him to inquire about the show's newest cast member, Joseph Quinn.

Fill in Schnapp and Doja's text messages are seen in the video. 

The first episode of "Stranger Things" season 4 Part 1 aired in May, and Doja was already tweeting about her obsession on Quinn.

As one of the season's breakout talents, Joseph Quinn.

One of the season's main heroes, Eddie Munson, was played by him. Eddie is a metal-loving misunderstood teenager.