Morgan Wallen's Tour on Pause 

Vocal Fold Trauma 

Wallen reveals his vocal cord injury, needing six weeks of vocal rest for recovery. 

Canceled Performances 

Wallen cancels festival appearances and ACM Awards performance due to his vocal rest. 

Rescheduling and Refunds 

Original tickets will be honored, with a 30-day refund window when new dates are announced. 

Commitment to Recovery 

Wallen assures fans he will return better than ever after taking care of his vocal cords. 

Previous Cancellations 

Wallen had previously canceled shows in Mississippi and other states due to voice issues. 

Health Update 

Wallen shared a health update with fans before returning to the stage in Florida. 

Gratitude and Apology 

Wallen expresses gratitude to fans and apologizes for the inconvenience caused by cancellations.