The Wedding Post-it Note 

Meredith and Derek's Post-it note wedding vows symbolized their love and commitment in Grey's Anatomy season 5. 

Symbol of Love 

Throughout their marriage, the Post-it note was a reminder of their love, even during times of conflict and turmoil 

Derek's Death 

After Derek's tragic passing, Meredith retired the Post-it note in season 13, preserving it as a cherished memory. 

The Post-it's Return 

"In season 19, the Post-it note reemerged after being saved from a house fire by Meredith's sister, Maggie. 

Love Never Dies 

The Post-it note symbolizes that the love between Meredith and Derek can never be destroyed, even by a raging fire. 

Foreshadowing Trouble 

The reappearance of the Post-it note hinted at upcoming challenges for Meredith and Nick's relationship. 

Reevaluating Choices 

The Post-it note made Meredith reconsider her life choices and the impact on her children's future. 

Love's Enduring Legacy 

The Post-it note remains a testament to Meredith and Derek's love story, transcending time and challenges.