Kelly Ripa Laughs at Pixelated Crotch 

Kelly Ripa couldn't control her laughter on Live With Kelly & Mark, all thanks to Mark Consuelos' pixelated crotch. 

Mark's Injury in Italy 

Mark injured himself during a visit to their soccer team in Campobasso, Italy, leading to a physical therapy session. 

A Hilarious Moment on Live 

Mark shares footage of his therapy session, with pixelation over his groin, leaving Kelly in tears from laughter. 

Playing it Safe on TV 

Mark explains the pixelation was added to avoid any uproar over tight shorts, but it only adds to the hilarity. 

Soccer Team Investment 

Kelly and Mark recently purchased a stake in a soccer team based in Campobasso, Italy. 

Stadio Nuovo Romagnoli 

The injury occurred while Mark was playing at the city's Stadio Nuovo Romagnoli. 

Consuelos Signs Autographs 

During his therapy session, Mark signs autographs and poses for photos, including one with a dog. 

Live With Kelly & Mark 

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