It looks like Kate Beckinsale has a lot of reasons to rejoice these days

On August 9, the 49-year-old actress and model took to Instagram.

In an adorable outfit of white daisy dukes that featured a frayed hem

A graphic tee, and a black and tan striped cardigan to celebrate her dog’s birthday, International Cat Day, and even International Female Orgasm Day, all of which fell on Aug. 8. 

A video Kate shared on her page showed her singing "Happy Birthday" to her 10-year-old dog, Myf, along with two male friends and a female companion.

Her companion presented a treat with a large candle sticking out of it for Myf while Kate cradled Myf affectionately in her arms. 

They replaced Myf with Kate's two cats, Clive and Willow, in the second section of the video.

In commemoration of International Cat Day, Kate's buddy attempted to sing the lyrics "Happy International Cat Day" in the melody of "Happy Birthday" as she held one cat while she held the other.

In a split second, Kate interrupted her and abruptly changed the topic to International Female Orgasm Day, scaring away the two guys who had been enjoying International Cat Day with Kate.

When Kate and her partner couldn't come up with anything to say in celebration of the third celebration, they whispered something about cats under their breaths, shrugged, and then laughed.