In 2019, the local news in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, began with the story of 17-year-old Anthony Templet, who had just murdered his father, Burt, in their house.

An event that left the inhabitants of that town in shock and of which more and more details would be known, each one more sad and complex. 

Now, Netflix retells this event in I just killed my father, a three-part documentary that investigates the intricacies of the case and shows the really sinister scheme hiding behind this apparent murder.

June 3, 2019. Anthony Templet is arrested and accused of having killed his father with three shots. 

The strange thing is that it was the boy himself who called the police to confess the crime directly. 

He said that he had had an altercation with his father first thing in the morning because he was drunk and very aggressive, and that he had to shoot him to defend himself against him. 

But when the media began to cover the crime, an unexpected character suddenly appeared to give a key testimony: Natasha, a sister on Anthony's mother's side whom no one there knew, told that Anthony had been kidnapped by Burt 11 years earlier. . 

So what happened to Anthony Templet? Where is he now?

Anthony was initially convicted of second degree murder.  

But once the prosecutor confirmed that he had acted in self-defense after years of abuse, the sentence was reduced to involuntary manslaughter. 

In 2021, he was sentenced to five years of probation, with the requirements that he had to graduate from school, start therapy and look for a full-time job or full-time studies. 

After the court process, Anthony has tried to rebuild his relationship with his mother and grandmother in Texas.