Fortnite's Battle Pass allows players to quickly level up to 100.

However, this requires a big investment of actual money and is not suggested unless gamers have a lot of V-Bucks to spare.

In addition, the Battle Pass, for which players can pay to skip ahead 25 levels, is available for purchase.

In order to advance to the next season, players must accumulate 80,000 XP.

This equates to a total of 7.92 million XP being needed to reach level 100.

It will take more than 80,000 XP every level to advance past level 200 in Fortnite: Season 4, Chapter 3.

From a Battle Pass's point of view, however, levelling up any farther is pointless.

The new Battle Pass's bare-bones prizes will be inaccessible until you reach level 100.

In addition, players will likely have to restart the game at level 200 in order to unlock the super styles for Battle Pass skins.