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On June 24, 2002, 15-year-old Kara Robinson was abducted by a serial killer, Richard Evonitz, while watering plants in a friend’s front yard in West Columbia, SC. Evonitz, posing as an affable man in his late 30s, pulled out a gun and forced Kara into a large storage bin on the back seat of his car. She endured 18 hours of torture before successfully escaping her attacker. 

**Kara’s Remarkable Survival Instincts**

 Kara demonstrated exceptional calmness and keen observation skills throughout her abduction. She counted the turns Evonitz made while driving, memorized the serial number of the container she was forced into, and took note of his personal details. These actions were crucial in her escape and later in helping the police track down her captor. 

**A Daring Escape at Dawn** 

While Evonitz slept, Kara managed to free herself from her restraints and quietly unlocked the apartment door. She ran for help and flagged down two men who took her to the police station. Despite her traumatic ordeal, Kara was able to lead the police back to Evonitz’s apartment. 

**The Discovery of a Serial Killer** 

Evonitz had fled the apartment, but inside, the police found evidence linking him to the unsolved murders of three girls: Sofia Silva and sisters Kati and Kristin Lisk. Evonitz was eventually tracked down in Sarasota, FL, where he died by suicide during a high-speed police chase. 

**Sharing Her Story of Survival** 

Kara has since shared her story to inspire and support other trauma survivors. She participated in a Lifetime special alongside Elizabeth Smart and other kidnapping survivors. Kara’s story has also been turned into a documentary and a Lifetime movie called “The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story.” 

**Watch “The Girl Who Escaped” Online Free** 

“The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story” is available for free streaming on Lifetime. To watch the movie, viewers can use Philo or DirecTV Stream, both of which offer free trials for new users.

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