True Lies Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date, Recap, Cast (Seperate Pairs)

True Lies Season 1 Episode 3: True Lies is starting to find a good balance between spy action, a nice romance, and even some family drama.

In the second episode of the TV show based on the 1994 movie by James Cameron, Helen was still upset about finding out that her husband Harry had been a spy the whole time they were married. Helen was in training for Omega Sector when she was sent on a mission to find a possible terrorist attack. This was a surprise to her.

Helen pretended to be on Harry’s “computer conference” team and ran into an old boyfriend. This made Harry jealous, but he didn’t have much to say because one of the “assets” he was using was a stunningly beautiful woman who had been Harry’s girlfriend before he met Helen. That made both of them talk about each other’s secrets.

In the end, the terrorists thought Helen’s ex was a spy and tried to kidnap him, so Harry had to save him. Helen also worked with Harry’s ex-girlfriend, because both of them realised that they didn’t mind that Harry was with Helen.

Also, they heard that Dana had sneaked out of the house to go to a party. At first, they thought it would be hypocritical to complain about their daughter keeping secrets, but they later seemed to change their minds.

The show knows everything about Harry and Helen’s spy jobs, which should appear in future episodes.

True Lies Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date

The third episode of True Lies will come out on March 15, 2023. The name of the episode is “Separate Pairs.” At 10 PM Eastern Time, CBS will stop showing it. This crime comedy-drama show comes out with new episodes every Wednesday.

True Lies Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

In the third episode of the series, “True Lies,” the best spies in the Omega sector were given another mission. They were looking for a mastermind who had caused them a lot of trouble in the past. In 2017, a terrorist group planned an attack in Zurich. The weapons were bought from a person known as “the Engineer,” who was an arms dealer. During the attack, many city blocks were destroyed and about 180 people were killed. Since then, the Omega Sector has been looking for the Engineer.

In 2019, Omega Sector and MI6 decided to work together to find the Engineer, who had disappeared after the Zurich attack. Together, they started a secret search for the Engineer. They got lucky when the Engineer showed up again in Prague to make another arms deal. MI6 and Omega Sector both knew that it was probably their last chance to catch the criminal. Ian Young, the senior operative for MI6, came all ready. He was supposed to break into the building and lead the attack. It was decided that Harry, Luther, and Maria would go in and arrest the Engineer as soon as Ian proved that he had the nuclear weapon. Ian was sure that he would catch Engineer by surprise and take him in without much trouble. But a man who sold nuclear weapons and could disappear whenever he wanted wouldn’t be caught so easily. The Engineer was one step ahead of the intelligence agencies, and he knew that Ian was an MI6 agent who had come to arrest him. Ian stopped talking on the radio all of a sudden when he walked into the building. Harry and the others knew Ian was in trouble of some kind. Omega Sector agents broke into the building right away and found Ian lying on the floor with a note that said “Nice Try” stuck to his back. Ian had been killed by the Engineer, and the agents just stood there, unable to do anything because they didn’t know where they went wrong or how the information got out. Harry, Luther, Maria, and Gib were all very angry and frustrated, and they wanted to get even with the Engineer because no one had ever made fun of their authority in such a cruel way before.

Again, Gib told his team that he knew where the Engineer was and that he was going to Salzburg, Austria, to make a deal with an African fascist group called The Noble Cross. Omega Sector knew that this time, not only would they catch the Engineer, but they would also make sure he regretted his actions for the rest of his life. Helen, who lived with the Tuskers, couldn’t keep her work life and her personal life separate. She had to take care of her kids, go to classes at the university, and go to Omega Sector training sessions. She also had to fix some plumbing problems in the house. Her life had become a mess, and she felt like her mind was all over the place. Harry wanted to be there for her, but his work schedule was busy and he didn’t have time to help. Helen was trying to be understanding, but she knew she had to do something because if she wasn’t in the right frame of mind, she wouldn’t be able to focus on anything.

Luther and Maria had been dating during that mission in Salzburg, so it brought back a lot of memories for them. After Ian died, Maria decided to stop being friends with Luther, but Luther always said that they worked well together, even though Maria never agreed with him. The Engineer was supposed to meet Pieter Voss, who was a member of the Noble Cross. The research team had decided that if they wanted to find the Engineer, they had to make Pieter and his people fight with each other. Gib knew that they had no power over him and couldn’t force him to work for them. Through the research team, they found out that Pieter was an addict who gambled too much and often couldn’t stop. Pieter was making a lot of money that could be used to buy the portable nukes, and Gib thought that if they could force him to spend it, they could create a rift between him and his boss and eventually get to the Engineer.

Luther and Maria’s job was to get into the casino, break into its security system, pretend to be dealers, and trick Pieter into losing all of his money. They were able to break into the security cameras, and Gib took over the whole system. Gib broke into employee records and put Maria and Luther on the list as dealers. Harry and Helen had to act like they were rich and play with Pieter and his girlfriend, Tiffany Mills, to keep them interested. Helen was shocked when she saw the expensive clothes and accessories that their agency gave them so that no one would think they were up to no good. She asked Harry how he could be so calm and not freak out when people looked at his clothes. He told her that she would get used to it all in time. Harry and Helen went to play with Pieter and Tiffany, but it was hard to get Pieter to play a big hand. Pieter played a few games, and then he decided to leave. Tiffany liked Helen, and Helen was able to persuade her to come back the next day so they could hang out and play together.

Gib was impressed by Helen’s quick thinking, and he knew that if she had been able to think on her feet, she might have been able to save their mission. The next day, Pieter and Tiffany came back with some games. Tiffany told him to stop when she saw that he was losing over and over again, but he just couldn’t stop. He knew what was at stake and wanted to win big before calling it a night. Pieter had spent some of the money that the Noble Cross had given him. He blamed Harry for his losses, and Harry told him that if he talked to his wife, he could get his money back. Giving Pieter’s money back wasn’t part of the plan, but Harry had to make it work when he saw Pieter getting suspicious of him and getting angry. It was decided that Harry and Helen would bring a bag with three million dollars to Pieter’s room. They would then try to find and catch the Engineer. But the Engineer was always one step ahead of them, and by the time they got to Pieter’s room, he was already dead. From the room, the Engineer sent an email to the Noble Cross saying that their representative was short on money.

The Omega Sector agents didn’t know what to do next. That’s when Helen had the idea that the Engineer would have been watching how much Pieter was losing throughout the night. That’s how he would have known that Pieter was running out of money. She remembered that the other night, there was a man who kept following Pieter to the cashier’s counter and was even at the table where they were playing. Gib quickly looked at the CCTV footage and was able to figure out who the Engineer was. Gib saw that the Engineer was leaving the hotel, so he asked Harry and others to follow him. During the chase, a truck crashed into Luther and Maria’s car, but they weren’t hurt too badly. Harry asked Helen to drive their car next to the Engineer’s. When they were close enough, Harry jumped into the Engineer’s car and made him stop. At the end of the third episode of the series, “True Lies,” Harry and Helen catch another bad guy and stop him from giving the portable nuclear weapon to the African Fascists. This keeps a disaster from happening.

In the third episode of the series, “True Lies,” Maria finally told Luther the truth. She told him that after seeing Ian Young die during their mission, she was afraid to be with anyone who worked in a job where they risked their lives every day. Luther fell asleep while she was talking. He might have been too shocked when she said that they had been a good team back in the day. Helen realised that an agent can’t think about anything else while on a mission. She saw her husband put his life on the line to catch the Engineer. This made her realise how important it was for them to stay focused at all times, or they wouldn’t make it out alive. Harry also realised that he had been able to do his job perfectly up to that point because Helen took care of everything else. He was grateful that she was there for him when things were hard, so he promised to be there for her and help her through her change. He called the Omega Sector and told them that the plumbing problem in their house could hurt the expensive security system that had just been put in. Harry and Helen knew that their relationship was strong because they tried to understand each other and treat each other with kindness. Harry and Helen enjoyed their time at Salsburg. Perhaps they had learned that they couldn’t let the stress of their jobs get to them and that, despite the chaos, they had to learn to enjoy every moment.

True Lies Season 1 Episode 3 Cast

Steve Howey as Harry Tasker


Ginger Gonzaga as Helen Tasker


Mike O’Gorman as Luther


Erica Hernandez as Maria

Annabella Didion as Dana Tasker


Lucas Jaye as Jake


Omar Miller as Albert “Gib” Gibson

Elizabeth Carlile as Tiffany

Tom Connolly as Ian

Bodhi Rader as Security Guard

Owain Yeoman as Voss

Rick Nehls as Doom Patrol

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